Just 12 GIFs That Perfectly Sum up the Kind of Issues Women Face Every Single Day

Just 12 GIFs That Perfectly Sum up the Kind of Issues Women Face Every Single Day

Women are some of the strongest people and yet, we have to face a world that denies the priviledge of being treated as equals.

Being a woman is amazing. Well, most of the time. Like everyone else, we also face issues in life but there are just some issues that only women face and it is frustrating. Which is why these GIFs are definitely relatable.

We'll start off a bit easy.

1. That monthly visitor who isn't always welcome - periods

Need we say more?

2. And then the period cramps... the most subtle path to the loss of a woman's sanity

It's like there is a war going on in your uterus.

3. All that hair that seems to pop right back up 5 minutes after shaving

And now it gets real...

4. When others seem to think they know better than you just because you're a woman

Excuse me? Mansplaining, much?

5. We've all heard the variations of "so, when are you getting married [again]?"

Best. Relationship. Ever. Amirite?

6. When they ask "why not?"

7. When people start giving you advice (that you never asked for) about how to live your life 

You may please talk to my hand.

8. And what you want to do when they think you need to follow it

9. Apparently, men think that everything can be blamed on our periods

Your stupidity is not my uterus' fault.

10. What you really want to do when people keep cutting you off

I have a voice!

11. When an eyeroll is the only apt response to what he says


12. They're probably just...

Yet despite all these problems we face as women, there is no denying that we have pride in who we are. We are no weak creatures and in this 21st century, we aren't just getting stronger. We are breaking glass ceilings left, right and center. This fight that we're fighting will not have been in vain. Now say it with us. Who run the world?

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