2020 Is the Year of the Rat | How Does This Affect Your Life, According to the Chinese Zodiac?

2020 Is the Year of the Rat | How Does This Affect Your Life, According to the Chinese Zodiac?

As the year begins, so do various challenges and changes. And based on your Chinese zodiac, the tasks you encounter will test you.

It's finally 2020 and according to the Chinese zodiac, this year is that of the rat, the White Metal Rat to be specific. 

Chinese Zodiac

The year of the rat brings in changes for zodiac signs. Here's what this new year holds in store for you:

1. Rat

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Being the witty person that you are, it's no surprise that others are easily drawn to you. You are creative and have a way with people. Your genuine intentions help win trust wherever you go. However, as the year 2020 begins, there will be a few challenges that you will have to face in order to evolve into your stronger self. And in navigating through those tough moments, you will identify not just the people who are truly by your side, but also learn that who you are in your truth matters more than what people may assume you to be.

You'll also learn to trust your intuition more this year. There will be a few months when things seem bleak and dull, but instead of fighting the heaviness, learn to honor your feelings. This period may help you understand yourself better and resolve some past wounds. 

2. Ox

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Known as the loyal and most hard-working one amongst your friends and family, you don't give up, especially when it comes to making your loved ones happy. Over the past year, you may have found it hard to create a balance between being true to yourself versus making your loved ones happy. But this year, you will achieve the perfect balance by learning to trust your heart.

Similarly, it might have been hard for you to say no. 2020 will be challenging if you have weak boundaries as people will expect you to do things that go against your nature. The sooner you get better at saying no, the smoother your year will be. Sometimes, you may have to take a step back and engage in some much-needed self-care, but it will be worth it. In order to achieve your goals, you need much rest and quiet time.

3. Tiger

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You are a brave soul who has been through many tough times and emerged as a survivor. This quality along with your compassion makes you a great leader. Last year may have especially difficult for you, leaving you feeling broken or weak. But you fought through it all.

This year, you need to focus on your organization skills and ability to maintain a balance between the different aspects to sail through the year. Do not feel guilty to say no when you need to and learn to put yourself first when needed.  Learning to identify true friends versus those who pretend to care is an important lesson you will learn this year. Learn to put your mental health first. The happier you are, the more goodness you will attract into your life. 

4. Rabbit

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Your compassion and sincerity are your assets and the reasons you have a tight group of friends. Of course, while many might think they can take advantage of your kindness, you're smart enough to cut through their BS.  2020 will test you on this. While last year, this ability of yours may have been on a spitz, this year it's back in full force. Any issues that may have confused you are suddenly clear now and you'll find that you're able to solve them much easier when you stay objective. 

You will also learn that words are not the end of everything. You will see that many people live to win arguments and you will go past this stage and choose inner peace over suffering fools. In terms of your relationships, you will learn to give from a place of love and receive from a place of grace. 

5. Dragon

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Your strength comes from having gone through many dark moments. You have survived through the years by trusting yourself. The new year is about reaping the benefits of your hard-earned wisdom. You are in that phase of your life where you have no time for drama.

2020 will be smooth if you learn the most important lessons soon: 1. Don't waste time trying to get people to understand you. Those who care will see you for who you are. 2. There will be times when no matter what you say or do, the situation will seem to be against you. This too shall pass.  Once you learn to respect your time and energy better, you will attract only those who are healthy for you. For those who are single, your newfound strength will also create space to invite your soul mate, someone who values you deeply.

6. Snake

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Unlike the West, the East revers the serpent for its wisdom and ability to renew itself seasonally. Many ancient cultures worship the snake and see it as a guardian of Truth and Goodness. Much like what the snake stands for in the East, you are calm, collected, and mysterious. Only a few people tend to see beyond your exterior and know the good heart you carry within. 

In 2020, you will face some ups and some downs. You will meet people who encourage you to be your best. There will be some new opportunities that will allow you to explore parts of yourself you have always wanted to express. At the same time, you will also face challenges that will require you to be honest with yourself. The sooner you take a stance and follow your heart, the easier the year will get. Do not go by people's words. Instead, observe their action.

Learn to have strong boundaries and put your health first. 

7. Horse

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Like the free spirit that you are, there is no experience you want to miss out on. Your natural curiosity often leads you to new paths.

This year, you will follow your heart as always but with some new lessons. You will learn to trust your pace. You will stop caring to meet milestones set by society. You know finally that your path is different from the mainstream race and you don't care to fit into molds.

2020 is also the year you will be expected to discern between emotional decisions and objective goals. The sooner you learn to balance, the smoother your life will get this year.

8. Goat

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You are kind and gentle, but also fiercely protective. As someone who has been afraid to rock the boat, 2020 will throw some challenges at you. But it will remain rough only as long as you choose to be quiet. The sooner you step up and demand what you deserve, things will change for the good. Self-doubt and guilt are your worst enemies. Once you learn to identify that most self-doubt has no basis, you will learn to trust yourself.

There will be people who might not be okay with the changes you make but learn to trust yourself and stay true to your heart. 

9. Monkey

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If there is anyone who is ready to do something spontaneous at the drop of the hat, it's probably you. You're like a breath of fresh air with that buzzing energy of yours, making you the life of the party, whether you realize or not. And this year, that side of you is going to be stimulated even more, but it is also the year that will bring about a balance.

2020 will come with a few surprises, not just in terms of people and situations. You will find yourself responding in new ways and choosing options you have never considered before. Trust that this is a sign of you evolving. There will be a few months where things look bleak, but use this time to spend quiet time and reflect on what you truly want. Working on yourself will lead to a deeper sense of peace and joy that is different from the noisy cheer you encounter around people. 

10. Rooster

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Though you are a practical person, you have a trusting soul where you are willing to put your full faith into those you love. This could lead you to a very emotional 2020 as this year may just test that faith. This year, learn to trust your discerning mind, especially when others try to sway you emotionally.

Your blunt honesty is also something that will challenge certain people and you will have to make a choice: To stay true to yourself or mellow down to go with the flow. The Universe rewards those who put in earnest effort. So trust your intuition and do what feels right. Balance is key. When it comes to relationships, look for patterns from childhood that tend to repeat throughout your life. Do you always put others first? Or do people around you often break promises? Do you feel lonely even when around people? Take time to reflect on this and break your childhood patterns through self-help and healing.

11. Dog

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Friendly, loyal and trustworthy, you're more like everyone's best friend. Often ready to support your loved ones through their tough times, you tend to forget about your own health and care. While empathy is a good trait, constant self-neglect is a sign of weak boundaries. 2020 will be good for you, yet there are some important lessons to learn.

If you have been taught sacrifice is a good thing, this year you will teach you a different set of lessons. The more you focus on self-care and nourishing your dreams, the sooner your life will change. While it is easy for you to give, it is hard for you to receive. Learn to accept support, love, help, and gifts with grace as these are signs from the Universe. This year, change is definitely headed your way. Just a tad bit of patience and a lot of self-care can not only make you happy, but also lift the moods of your loved ones.

12. Pig

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Well-mannered, kind, intelligent, and elegant, you're practically the entire package. It might look like you have the best of everything but if you've been feeling lost inside, you know how to hide it well. But this year, you can change things around by owning your strengths. There could be some conflicts this year, especially in close relationships. The way to work through these is to step back and observe the person and the situation from a distance.

The less time you spend away from drama, the more inner strength you will gather. Know that your feelings are valid and so are your thoughts. The more you are willing to step up and embrace your strengths and unique skills, the sooner you will be in the right place with the right people. Self-doubt will only keep you stuck in the wrong circles.

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