25 Tweets That Prove That Kids Can Be Unabashedly Savage Sometimes

25 Tweets That Prove That Kids Can Be Unabashedly Savage Sometimes

Dealing with kids has never been easy but it just got harder when they started talking. Then... they were unstoppable.

Being part of a family means getting some brutal honesty from all your family members. And sometimes, it can be truly savage. Of course, we try our best to be nice because who wants to face the wrath after telling someone their dress isn't exactly flattering or that we can't stand their spouses.

But with kids... it's a whole new ball game. With them, telling the truth is a major part of their personality - intentionally or unintentionally. And when they do let out some very honest opinions, boy it can hit you in every part of your heart. Innocent they may seem but they are some of the most savage, sassy and ruthless little humans with no filter about the truth. 

Here are some examples of parents getting so badly roasted by their kids that they're going to need to keep the ice pack for their burns, ready.

1. Didn't they ever teach to not touch their stuff?


2. That too at the dinner table


3. How does one really respond to this?


4. Someone save him


5. Mistakes are okay, but never forgotten


6. Apology... or not?


7. You can play the radio on the way to the burn unit


8. This kid knows....


9. When you didn't know you had to have a backstory


10. Ahh... coffee


11. Certain moments with kids that make you want to take a step back


12. Ouch.... just.... ouch


13. The only reason you're a mom


14. They really have no filter


15. When there's really nothing you can say after that


16. Looks like divorce is not so bad... for the son


17. Tardiness depends on you... not them


18. When your kid plays matchmaker


19. Being a kid means you just don't have the time


20. When your 9-year-old spots your wardrobe malfunction


21. If your embarrassment could be converted to electricity... it'd power a city


22. They're better... at everything


23. When they hit you right where it matters... in the age



24. Putting you in your place seems to be a hobby


25. When will parents ever learn?


With moments like these... it's no surprise that many people can see beyond kids' innocent facade to the little devil lurking underneath. I mean, you love them but sometimes you wonder if they were really born without a filter. And the worst part, half the time, you can't even get in a good retort. They're that savage. 



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