Pregnant Mom Who Tested Positive for the Virus Fought to Stay Alive for Her Baby | She Went Into Labour While in a Coma

Pregnant Mom Who Tested Positive for the Virus Fought to Stay Alive for Her Baby | She Went Into Labour While in a Coma

The woman was 33 weeks pregnant when she was hospitalized because of her symptoms. She had tested positive for the virus ailing thousands of people across the world.

A mother's bond with her child can be so strong that it can even create miracles. Whether it's a mom who fights her way through a coma to come back to life for her child or someone who risks their life for saving their baby, women are capable of doing a lot for their child. There is no other relationship that can be compared to a mother's love for her child.

One incredible mother fought for her life to make it for her kids. Angela Primachenko was 33 weeks pregnant and tested positive for the virus on March 24. The 27-year-old respiratory therapist from Vancouver, Washington was experiencing extreme symptoms like difficulty in breathing. It took only eight days for her condition to worsen so much that she was on a ventilator while in a medically induced coma, according to TODAY.

With her in a severely deteriorated health condition, the doctors at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center decided to induce labor to protect her and the baby. While she was sick, her twin sister, Oksana Luiten, asked people to pray for her sibling. "She isn’t doing well, but we as her family are fixing our gaze on Jesus the miracle worker. We ask for prayer as prayer is powerful. We ask we unite as a community and pray for a miraculous healing," she captioned her post on Instagram.


Her prayers were answered. Angela recovered from the virus and her baby is healthy. When she came out of the coma on April 6, she was very surprised that she did not have the pregnant belly anymore. "Obviously nobody expected that I was going to get that sick, so absolutely I did not expect to deliver my child,” Angela said. "After all the medication and everything I just woke up and all of a sudden I didn't have my belly any more. It was just extremely mind-blowing." The mom-of-two told TODAY, "I feel like I'm a miracle walking."

"I’m just taking it every day at a time and just kind of trying to regain my strength and core and muscles," Angela told FOX12.

When she was finally wheeled out of the intensive care unit while she was still in her bed everyone clapped for her for fighting hard to live. "Everyone did a standing ovation and just clapped me out of the ICU, which is so amazing and such a huge thing to be able to leave the ICU and go to the floor — it's just the grace of God," she told TODAY.


Oksana shared another post on Instagram sharing her gratitude for having her sister back. "Thank you to EVERYONE for your prayers, it was a dark time, I doubted and questioned my faith and God, I felt so powerless and so fearful and out of control. But that’s how faith grows, going through times of uncertainty and seeing God gently calm my spirt again and again... and now seeing the end... I stand in awe of God. He is good. I can’t wait to meet my little niece Ava," she said.


Angela chose to name her newborn Ava as it means "breath of life," to remember how she and her little one fought to stay alive. "So she's our new little breath of life," said the mom.

Now, she's out of the hospital but her daughter is still in the neonatal care unit. However, she had been unable to hold her daughter until very recently. She could only see Ava through FaceTime and her baby has tested negative. The mom-of-two daughters had to wait until she had two straight negative tests before being allowed in the NICU. And finally, on April 15, she was able to hold her little one.


The mom shared a photo of her baby on her Instagram. "Such a testimony to be able to hold my little Ava," she said, adding that she wore a mask during her visit "because everybody has to wear a mask now when visiting the NICU). Ava is doing amazing and gaining weight every day like a champ! Another week or so and we will be able to take her HOME!!"


Oksana also set up a GoFundMe page for the couple as the hospital bills are very high and "Angela and David are small business owners so their insurance does not cover most of her stay." 





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