7 Core Values That Strong Couples in Happy Committed Relationships Swear By

7 Core Values That Strong Couples in Happy Committed Relationships Swear By

At its core, these values are what can help make a relationship and bond between two people solid and unbreakable.

When it comes to a relationship, we all have our ideas about what we want from it. Whether you're looking for romance or practicality, it's how we find partners. But if there is one thing that truly cements a couple together, it's if they match in their core values. And it's these seven core values that happy and strong couples swear by:

1. Respect

Individually, every person needs self-respect as well as respect from others and that includes you too. You want your partner to respect your feelings and needs the way you do theirs. And when they hold your relationship with the same love and care that you do, it shows that they truly do respect the effort you're putting in. Without this core value, one partner can make the other feel unloved, alone and unhappy.

2. Vulnerability

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In order for a bond to truly grow, you and your partner need to be able to speak to each other about your insecurities. Of course, it can be difficult as it is scary to put yourself out there so easily because it can open you up to a world of pain. However, when your partner truly loves you, they too will share their vulnerabilities and not take advantage of your weakness. It shows that you value each other enough to put your most raw and real version of yourself in the relationship and not use it to hurt one another.

3. Commitment

Commitment means being dedicated to each other and putting in equal effort for this relationship to work. You just want to know that you matter and this is demonstrated when your partner puts you first, the way you do them. Knowing that your partner will drop everything to be there with you through thick and thin because they realize you aren't unreasonable about your demands, can show true commitment.

4. Empathy

Three simple words - "I get it" - can go a long way in truly connecting with your partner. Unlike sympathy, which is just being there for your partner and what they are going through, to be empathetic means going a step further. It means actually putting yourself in their position and understanding the stress they are under. And this lets your partner know that not only are you attentive to them but that you are really listening and are concerned about their pain.

5. Communication

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Just talking to your partner can solve a lot of issues. While conflict in a relationship is bound to happen, talking to one another without getting aggressive, name-calling or yelling is a sign of a healthy relationship. Sure, you might want to take some time from them, but coming back to the conversation after cooling down can do so much in bringing you closer to your partner. It shows how much you value the relationship.

6. Trust

Many people don't understand just how important honesty and trust are in a relationship. If you've been with partners who have lied to you especially about important issues, believing in a person you love might still be a tad bit difficult until they show that they can be trusted. However, if your partner values you as much as you do them, then they know that being honest can help forge a better foundation for your relationship. That being said, trust needs to be earned and it takes time, but it is an important core value.

7. Accountability

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Being able to take responsibility for your mistake is a sign of maturity and how you care about your partner. You want to know that your partner can accept their mistake and make changes, the way you do. An apology means nothing if the person making it doesn't understand the impact of what they have done. So no matter who has made the mistake, if both of you are able to own up to it and alter behaviors, then you have one of the best values for a strong relationship.

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