7 Signs Your Departed Loved One Is Trying to Reach out to You This Holiday Season

7 Signs Your Departed Loved One Is Trying to Reach out to You This Holiday Season

It can be hard to get into the holiday spirits when you have lost someone. But maybe they're trying to reach out to you in ways that you may not have noticed.

For those who have lost a loved one, getting through the holidays is never easy. Knowing they aren't going to be there to join in on the festivities, to share a laugh or two, or enjoy the food that is prepared with love, it can place a dark cloud over the entire atmosphere. But as much as you want to grieve them and wish that they were still here with you, logically, you know you have to move on. So you try to celebrate their life instead of mourning their death and keep the spirits high.

However, as you try to move on, the departed soul might be trying to reach out to you. Especially now that the holidays are here. They might be telling you that they're okay and just want to reassure you that you can enjoy Christmas without a hole in your heart from your grief. And here's how they may reach out to you:

1. You find Christmas ornaments that remind you of them

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As you sort through the ornaments or lights to place on the tree, you might just stumble across the pieces that remind you of them. They might be the ornaments that you used to hang up with your loved ones or the pieces that were their favorite. Whether it is a tiny horse or the big star, there is a connection to your loved one and you might find that you can't keep your eyes off of it. It could be a sign that they're trying to tell you to hang it up on the tree and that they are a part of the celebrations.

2. The decorative lights around the house flicker

Spirits are known to cause electrical surges as a way to communicate with someone. So if you find that the lights you've strung up inside or outside the house start to flicker and it's not because of any electrical issues, it could be that your loved one is trying to reach out to you.

3. They start to visit you in your dreams more often

Right around the holiday season, you might find that your loved one is visiting you in your dreams with increasing frequency. And you might even see them smiling at you which is their way of telling you that they are okay and happy where they are. It could be that they just want you to feel reassured that you don't have to feel sad about their absence during this time of the year.

4. You hear their favorite Christmas carol more often

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It's a normal thing to have carolers come around the house every now and then, regaling you with the melodious tones of Christmas songs. While it may not be out of the ordinary if you heard one song sung more than once or twice, however, if you hear one particular carol, especially if it is one that you know was your late loved one's favorite, then it could be a sign they're trying to communicate with you. You might catch snatches of it from a distance or it plays on the TV when you switch it on.

5. Their favorite recipe or gift stands out to you constantly

While creating the enormous feast to feed your family and friends, you might come across one particular recipe that never seems to leave your sight, a sign that keeps saying you must make this dish for Christmas dinner. Or you might be window shopping and you see a particular type of gift that you can't tear your eyes away from. If that recipe or that type of gift was your loved one's favorite and it is always in the back of your mind, then it could be that they're trying to reach out to you.

6. You feel their presence as you move around

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If your dear departed one is truly with you, then you might feel their presence as you walk around the house. A warm coat that vaguely resembles love and gives off a hint of their preferred scent - they walk with you, trying to provide comfort during a time when you might miss them the most.

7. You find Christmas decorations moved around the house

This might come off as spooky, but your loved one might be moving the tree, the stockings or other pieces of decoration around as a way to tell you that they're there for you. The departed soul might also be trying to get your attention by moving their favorite decoration to a place that they used to hang around a lot. They just want you to know that even if they can't be physically present, they will be there to support you and help you through your grief.

It can be hard trying to push the pain of their loss down enough to enjoy what the holiday has to offer. But have faith that they're in a better place. They just want you to be happy and live life with zest and verve, the way you did when they were around.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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