7 Things Your Partner Does That Show He Wants the Relationship to Last

7 Things Your Partner Does That Show He Wants the Relationship to Last

After many years together, at some point, everyone expects that their relationship might come to an end. But that might not be the case if your partner does these things.

Commitment, compromise, patience, and trust. Love might be the foundation for any relationship, but these four factors are the pillars to keep your bond with your partner strong. It can get hard to establish all of these pillars. But you know it's completely worth when you spend years with that one person who can still make butterflies flitter in your stomach. Being with them is not a hardship, especially when you make each other feel loved and safe.

And when you see your partner doing these things, you know that they're just as invested in making this relationship last as you are.

1. He makes you his first priority

Taking you out on dates, buying a tub of ice cream when you're feeling low or even just lying on the floor next to you when you're having a bad day, all of these are signs that he truly does care about you and how you're feeling. When your partner makes the effort to be there for you despite the amount of stress burdening both of you, "You're essentially making them your partner in retreat as well as in the daily grind. That is a very positive thing," Caleb Backe, Health and Wellness Expert, told Bustle.

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2. He finds ways to deepen the intimacy with you

Touch is as important as feelings, So, a partner who really loves you will never stop wanting to know more about you. He listens patiently to what you're sharing. He also takes the chance to try out new ways to please you in bed, the way you do for him. He's in tune with your emotions and how your body reacts to his touch. Outside the bedroom, he genuinely wants to take part in your interests. Doing this for each other "can also spark deeper feelings of commitment!" said Donna Oriowo, Sexuality Educator and Therapist. 

3. He cherishes everything about you and never takes you for granted

Being together for a long time can cause partners to become somewhat lazy and they start taking each other for granted. However, seeing that spark of love in your partner's eyes can actually show how much he cherishes you. A simple "I love the way you do this" or "I really admire this about you" can show respect and love that has endured. Jeffrey Bernstein, a licensed psychologist, wrote for Psychology Today and mentioned that happy couples don't fear to express their feelings and appreciation for each other. "He or she will be thankful that you did," he wrote.

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4. He wants to be a part of the good, bad and ugly

No matter how small a moment is, he is right there standing by you. He is always cheering you on whether it's a promotion you received or being able to make a dish that you've been trying for a long time. But that's not the only time he's there for you. He's your safety net when you fall. "The most important moments and experiences in life are meant to be shared with your partner," said Backe. 

5. He isn't afraid to be honest with you

Honesty is essential in every relationship as it can also build trust. No matter how difficult it is to say, your partner doesn't shy away from telling you the truth. He knows, that at the end of the day, it's that communication that will keep miscommunication and anger from setting in. "Can you say your truth? Can you risk losing the relationship? The more you can say ‘I am unhappy,’ the happier you can be," says Susan Pease Gadoua, a marriage and relationship expert told Medium

6. They make sure to go to bed at the same time as you

Sleeping at different times is a normal thing with your partner. However, when your partner snuggles up with you and asks about how your day went, it's their way of connecting with you. It's "one of the most intimate moments in a couple's day," relationship expert Melissa Ferrari told HuffPost Australia. And in the morning, you probably find yourself safe in their arms. Waking up with the thought of how loved you are can make the rest of your day. 

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7. Every now and then he reminds you just how much you mean to him

"I love you." Just those three words that are spoken so simply by your partner have more depth than most people realize. Even if you're apart, you can count on a message asking you how you're doing. You make each other feel safe, happy and warm in the relationship, no matter the physical distance between both of you. "This shows your partner you are thinking about them even when you are not physically together, and makes them feel secure," said Ferrari.






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