9 Pics That Show the Uncanny Resemblance Between Princess Charlotte and Her Granny Diana

9 Pics That Show the Uncanny Resemblance Between Princess Charlotte and Her Granny Diana

Princess Charlotte has already shown the world her cheeky side when she was pictured sticking her tongue out at the crowd at the King's Cup regatta.

Princess Diana was one of those mothers who loved her children more than anything else in the world. Even though life was tough for her, she became a strong woman who taught her kids to live a simpler and happier life. There's no doubt that she would've been an exceptional grandma to her grandkids just like she was a mother to young Prince William and Prince Harry before her tragic and untimely death in 1997.

Now a father of three, Prince William once jokingly said, “She’d be a nightmare grandmother — absolute nightmare." He was talking about how adorable and devoted his mother Diana was and how she loved having fun with the kids.

Closer Weekly revealed that in the 2017 documentary, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, he said, “She’d love the children to bits, but she’d be an absolute nightmare. She’d come and go and she’d come in probably at bath time, cause an amazing amount of scene, bubbles everywhere, bathwater all over the place, and then leave.” Prince William is sure that if his mother was around, she would have been the world's most loving grandma to the kids, we can't agree more.

Through the years, people have grown affectionate towards the royals just like they loved their queen of people's hearts. But we think it would be safe to assume that out of the four royal kids, Princess Charlotte is the most beloved one amidst the public. The five-year-old's confidence and cuteness have charmed everyone but it's her likeness to Diana which is shocking to everyone. Here are 9 pictures that will prove that the little princess is growing up exactly like her grandma.


Everyone cannot help but notice how much Diana and Princess Charlotte are alike. After looking at this picture, it makes more sense. Do you see the resemblance? Guess it's the beautiful smile that both of them share.

Die-hard Princess Diana fans also noticed the resemblance and reviewed the picture of little Diana right next to Princess Charlotte after posting it on Instagram.


One of the users commented, "Definitely they look alike."


In between all these comments, there was one user who was worried about the little one being expected to grow into another Diana. Explaining concerns, the user wrote, "The lips are very similar, just hope that Charlotte doesn't have to be Diana or expected to live up to her as Charlotte is her own person."


It's not just the chubby cheeks that she inherited from her grandmother.


She's also got the innocence mixed with a little bit of cheekiness from grandma Diana as well.


Who can forget the time the little princess barred the press from her little brother's christening ceremony when she told them, "You're not coming."


When we remember Diana, we cannot forget the fact that she was one of the greatest fashion icons of all time and still is. Looks like little Charlotte has already started walking in her grandma's path. Don't believe us? See for yourself.


Now you know what we were talking about. Both the little lady and the late style icon seem to be very comfortable in what they're wearing, at the same time exuding glamour.

Princess Charlotte is growing up into a royal who loves to have fun all the time just like her grandmother who never made any of the interactions boring. She was the only royal member who took her kids to an amusement park so they could also understand what kids, who're not born in a palace, do for fun.


Charlotte's also known for being a sensitive little child, much like her grandma.

With that said, we can't wait for this tiny one to grow into her own, strong independent woman like her Granny Diana. 



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