9 Things Only Mothers Who Have Raised Daughters Would Understand

9 Things Only Mothers Who Have Raised Daughters Would Understand

The mother-daughter tussle is centuries old but the bond that keeps you two together is a special one that no one else can understand.

Being a mother is in no way easy. And contrary to popular belief, being a mother to a daughter who seems to be your mirror is ten times harder. But there is nothing you regret. After all, from the moment you held her in your arms, there's just been an overpowering feeling of love. You know there's nothing you wouldn't do for that little girl of yours. It's not been a smooth journey but once again no regrets. And having raised her, these nine things are a given:

1. You're not always going to see eye-to-eye, but you love that

While it can get frustrating at times to have to argue with your daughter on an issue, you can't help but be happy that she's got her own opinions and thoughts. You never wanted a daughter who would just conform and lose her own identity just to please you, no matter how annoying it can get at times. And it can get quite annoying but you love it anyway.

2. You're always stuck between protecting her innocence and nurturing her independence

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This is the confusion of the decade that eats you up no matter how old she is. You still see your daughter as innocent and want to protect her from all the evil things in the world. But at the same time, you want her to be able to stand on her own two feet and be nothing but the strong, independent woman she is. If only there was a way to balance them both out.

3. Her rebelliousness reminds you of your own youth

Fighting with her and watching her break the rules you set makes your head implode but you can't help but think about your own younger days. And that's when all the memories flood back in of all the times your own mother had to deal with the great rebel that you were. So as exasperated as you are with her, you secretly applaud her ability to fight for herself.

4. Her thoughts and ideas challenge your beliefs constantly

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As you grew up and became more mature, it seemed like you knew what the world was like and while you adapted to new changes, you knew the general idea of how people worked. Until she turned older and challenged every single idea you had. At first, you may have resisted but then she started making sense. That's when you knew you had a smart and strong daughter.

5. You know the difficulties of being a woman and never want her to doubt herself

It's the world's best-known secret that being a woman is not easy. From having to deal with issues like menstruation to trying to break through stereotypes in a male-dominated world, it can take a hard toll on any woman. And you never want your daughter to suffer that. You never want her to lose her confidence in the face of something that is designed to break her.

6. Somewhere along the way, she became more of your friend than just a daughter

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As time passed and she got older, both of you adjusted more and more to each other. You started being more in sync and learning new things from one another. And slowly and surely, the line that defined mother and daughter blurred out. She became the person that you could share anything with and that friendship is one you value deeply because it also meant that she would share her own special moments with you.

7. Your pride knows no bounds when she overcomes hurdles and reaches all her goals

There's always a tear or two in your eyes when you see her happiness at achieving all the goals and dreams that she had especially after seeing her struggle. Yet, knowing that she has the intelligence, the courage, and the perseverance to make her life worth something to herself brings a certain peace to your heart. You couldn't be prouder.

8. Your best memories are when you do something special with her

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That bond that you worked so hard to nurture finally paid off when she makes the effort to include you in her life as much as possible. To be certain that she values this relationship as much as you do brings you no greater joy. It's why when you do something special with her, it becomes some of the best memories you have. 

9. Your ultimate happiness is when you see her raise her own daughter well

And then she has a daughter of her own. If there was a way to describe the happiness you feel, you'd do your best. But seeing her raise her daughter with the same love and affection that you brought her up with makes you smile and realize that you did right by her. All that's left to do is spoil your granddaughter now.

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