99-Year-Old WW-II Veteran Raises Over £18 Million for NHS by Walking 100 Laps Around His Garden on a Zimmer Frame

99-Year-Old WW-II Veteran Raises Over £18 Million for NHS by Walking 100 Laps Around His Garden on a Zimmer Frame

Captain Tom Moore, 99, set out to walk 100 laps before he turns 100 on April 30 and raise £1000. Not only has he completed the 100 laps way before the target, but he has also exceeded the amount beyond imagination.

As the world fights the global pandemic, there are people who are directly exposed to this deadly virus and are putting their lives in danger every single day. These brave warriors are the health care professionals who are going beyond their call of duty to make sure they save lives. Doctors, nurses, caretakers, etc. are all fighting on the frontline and they are the ones who deserve our respect for the unselfish and tireless work they are putting in.

Source: Just Giving

In these desperate times, another warrior has emerged who has taken it upon himself to aid the frontline workers to the best of his abilities. captain Tom Moore is a 99-year-old veteran of World War II and he is raising funds for the welfare of National Health Service (NHS) workers by walking in his own garden. As reported by Daily Mail, he had initially set out to raise £1,000 by walking 100 lengths of his 27-yard garden in Bedfordshire, but has already surpassed his target multifold in just a week.


His story, as presented on his Just Giving (fund raising website), speaks of the way he has lived his life and that he was indeed as much a hero in service as he is out of it. His bio reveals that "Tom was born and brought up in Keighley, Yorkshire. He went to Keighley Grammar School and later completed an apprenticeship as a Civil Engineer. Tom went onto being enlisted in 8 DWR (145 RAC) at the beginning of the war, and in 1940 was selected for Officer training."

According to his bio, "He was later posted to 9DWR in India, and served and fought on the Arakan, went to Regiment to Sumatra after the Japanese surrender and returned to be Instructor at Armoured Fighting Vehicle School in Bovington."

Captain Moore's initial aim was to raise £1,000 for the NHS workers but as the word spread, more than 90,000 people came on the donating platform to support his endeavor. In fact, the site crashed for a while because they did not expect such a massive outpouring of support in such a short time. His 100th birthday is coming up on April 30, and the hero veteran has already surpassed his monetary target.


The Captain walks with the help of a zimmer frame and it is quite a task for this elderly gentleman to complete the lengths of his garden but he is determined to do so for NHS Charities Together. NHS Charities Together is an organisation that supports NHS workers and is providing a daily aid of £1 million to help them fight the pandemic better.


Maytrix, another company that is supporting his efforts and the NHS had set up the funding page. The company is owned by Captain's daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore and son-in-law, Colin Ingram. They explained their interest in Captain Moore's effort and wrote, "We set this page up, without any idea that it would become as highly visited as it is, and more of 'heartwarming' story for the local region. It is completely blown up, and we are so proud to be representing Tom and his 100th birthday walk for the NHS."

Given the amount of awareness he has raised along with the magnitude of funds he has been able to generate for the NHS, even the Health Secretary Matt Hancock took time to personally thank him for his work during his regular press conference over the pandemic. He applauded Captain Moore's dedication and said, "Captain Tom, you're an inspiration to us all and we thank you."

At the time of writing this article, he has been able to garner the support of 913961, people. He has surpassed his target and the total donation stands at £18,307,320.86! And the best news is that he has been able to complete his 100 lengths well before his 100th birthday.


He expressed his gratitude through his Twitter account where he wrote: "Thank you all for your amazing support. It has been a memorable experience. Thank you so much."




If you would like to appreciate his efforts and help the NHS workers fight stronger then you can help out by donating to his page at Just Giving.





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