27 Years of Marriage and Singer Sting Still Sees His Wife Trudie as the Light of His Life

27 Years of Marriage and Singer Sting Still Sees His Wife Trudie as the Light of His Life

The connection between these two artists has never burnt out in all the years they been with each other and it doesn't look like it's going to go out anytime soon.

If you know who The Police is, then you definitely know Sting. Even if you don't know the band, Sting made himself a household name as a solo artist. At some point in time, you might have even crooned along to his songs or banged your head to his hard beats. Sting certainly created a strong fan base and carved a place out in the hearts of his admirers. But there is one person whose heart he values above everyone else's — his wife, Trudie Styler's.


To her, he is the man known as Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, the man who considers her to be the light of his life, according to People. The couple has been going strong for 37 years now. “We love each other — which is a given! — but we also like each other,” Sting, 67, told the magazine at the Cinema Society and Bluemercury-hosted premiere of the IFC Films’ Freak Show in New York. “I think there’s a difference.”

Sting and Trudie met in 1982 when she was cast in an acting role alongside the musician's then-wife, Frances Tomelty. Due to Trudie and Frances' friendship, the former and Sting spent a lot of time together and the sparks started flying, according to Scotsman. After dating for 10 years, the two finally tied the knot in 1992 in an extravagant wedding in Wiltshire, England, reported People.


And they're still in as much love as they were when they first got together. “Trudie is my main go-to person,” said Sting to People in another issue. “Somebody said to me the other day: ‘Who is the most impressive person you have ever met?’ I said: ‘I think I’m married to her.’ She rocks me.” Even after years together, the singer cannot stop praising her.  “When I met her, she was beautiful,” he said to NY Times. “But then I figured out that she was smart, much smarter than me.”


The love is mutual as Trudie adds to his statement saying, “He’s always evolving, always surprising me,” Styler says. “I feel like we’re still on a beautiful adventure together.”


With almost 30 years under their belt as a married couple, they reveal just what it is that keeps them so happy. "I’m married to an incredibly good husband and we’re devoted to each other," Trudie told People. "We laugh a lot! I think that’s important in a marriage. He has my back; he’s my champion."


The secret to their marital bliss? “Obviously there has to be a chemistry — that’s why we can stay together for as long as we’ve been together. We have space apart because he tours and I go and do the things that I have to do with my films — we don’t live in each other’s pockets," she adds. 


As for dealing with the numerous, outrageous claims of their sex life and their lifestyle, they can't help but laugh at it together. "I think it's fascinating that people take an interest in a middle-aged married couple and what happens behind our closed front door," she said to Evening Standard UK. "The idea that we are going at it like rabbits makes me smile, really. Sting was laughing his head off. They published a picture of him in a sex shop, which was supposed to prove what a perv he really is, but he was only in Hustler with my best friend Natalie buying me a Valentine's Day present."


"Look, we are very much in love, we have a wonderful physical married life, a great sex life, and we've never hidden that - and I count myself lucky that I am as much in love with my husband as I was 22 years ago [according to the time of publication]," she explained.


And their kids, who used to be embarrassed about the whole situation, have gotten used to it. They know the love that their parents have for each other — the real love. She told the outlet that now, "They all just have a good laugh about it. Their poor old mum and dad, at it again. They thought yesterday's [about their lifestyle] stories were a real hoot."











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