Bruce Willis' Wife Reveals How Amazing He Is as a Father to His Daughters | "Our Home Is Really Filled With Joy"

Bruce Willis' Wife Reveals How Amazing He Is as a Father to His Daughters | "Our Home Is Really Filled With Joy"

Bruce Willis isn't just a great actor, he's also an amazing dad who prioritizes the women in his life over everything else.

Bruce Willis may have repeatedly taken down enemies in minutes, sneaked into the bad guys' lair, and saved the day on screen while sporting injuries that would have finished off another man. But off-screen, he's just a big ol' softie, especially when it comes to his family and more specifically, his little daughters. And his wife, Emma Heming Willis, reveals just what an amazing father he is to his girls, including the two they share together, Evelyn Penn and Mabel.

In an interview with director M. Night Shyamalan for Elle Decor, the couple shared the rollercoaster ride they experience with their little girls who at the time were three and five at the time. "With two kids? Not many places to find peace, but my office works," said the Die Hard actor. "I’ve made it so boring in there that the kids want nothing to do with it."


"Bruce is right, there really isn’t a Zen zone here. We use every room, and the kids venture into each one at some point throughout the day. I converted a cottage we have on our property into my office. That, I suppose, would be my Zen zone, where I can focus and get work done. I have to admit, though, that we thrive off the chaos," Emma added. "Our home is really filled with joy and the laughter and chatter of little girls being themselves, in a place we created with them in mind."


As for how he is as a dad, Emma said, "Bruce is awesome when it comes to his personal time, and he’s constantly sharing it. I think he’s been so used to having kids [Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout with Demi Moore] for so long, and knowing his time really isn’t his own anymore, that he’s very generous with it. Even when he’s sleeping—and this poor man suffers from terrible insomnia—if the kids were to wake him, he wouldn’t even so much as complain. I’ve also never heard him say he needs some alone time. I, on the other hand, am not afraid to let everyone know when I need time for myself!"


And that isn't all. His first priority is his daughters and he has the patience and love to let them do anything they want to him. According to People, the 62-year-old even lets his now-seven-year-old daughter, Mabel, paint his nails. In a snap shared to Instagram by Emma, you can see the actor sit quietly as if he has all the time in the world while Mabel efficiently and thoroughly paints her dad’s fingernails with stickers.

He truly deserves a "Dad of the Year" award for being there for his daughters.


But he isn't just a great dad, he's also a big help around the house. The 41-year-old mother-of-two said, "Bruce is very domesticated. His mother taught him well! He really is great at housekeeping. I mean, granted, we have a housekeeper, Lety, who has been with Bruce for more than 30 years — she is family to us and has helped me so much with our girls; she’s also a big part of Bruce’s older girls’ lives. But he’s very proactive! She’s probably stuck around as long as she has because Bruce really helps keep everything in tip-top condition, which makes her life easier."


Having been married for 11 years, Emma and Bruce Willis have proved that their love hasn't diminished and only grown stronger with the two young girls in their house. Here's to having many more happy years together for the family.



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