20 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum up the Struggles a Woman Goes Through Everyday

20 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum up the Struggles a Woman Goes Through Everyday

Everyone has problems. But there are some problems that come with being a woman and this artist knows how to show them with the help of pen, paper, and panels.

Jeez! Being a woman can be so exhausting. From taking care of children to juggling work and chores, it's like there's no end to our responsibilities. On top of that, having to worry about our appearance and our health, sometimes just running off to some inn with a great view looks more and more appealing. And this isn't just for women who've just entered adulthood. This applies to seasoned women who've seen how the world works and still have the energy and patience to deal with it.

Who better to understand our problems than other women who are going through a similar rollercoaster of emotions, work, and general craziness? Well, this artist is one of those women who gets it and she knows exactly how to capture our struggles. With comics that will have you giggling and agreeing, Cassandra Calin perfectly illustrates those issues. In this case, age is just a number because it's something you won't find hard relating to.

1. It's an official competition


2. When a piece of clothing can make your head look like an egg


3. The commercials were a lie!


4. When they say you have a pear-shaped body


5. It's shedding season all year round


6. When you bring home to the outside world


7. Stupid rain


8. When the hair is just too excited to see you again


9. Be proud that you lasted that long anyway


10. A brand new day = A whole new person


11. Someone needs to come up with some food-proof, drink-proof, everything-proof glossy lipstick... fast


12. Aah... summer


13. When is the best time to take a nap?


14. Getting older isn't always easy


15. Life of a woman post-water


16. It fits! It fits! It...


17. Shhh... nobody look at me


18. The curls just don't look as good as you thought it would


19. Valentine's Day is a special day to celebrate some love with your partner


20. You must be some sort of superwoman if you go through this every day and still manage to survive




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