Couple Goes out to Party for 4 Days Leaving Twin Infants Alone | One Child Perished While the Other Is Battling for Her Life

Couple Goes out to Party for 4 Days Leaving Twin Infants Alone | One Child Perished While the Other Is Battling for Her Life

Their act of negligence is unpardonable.

Parents of newborn babies are one of the most protective people you may come across and for good reasons. Infants rely on their parents for their survival completely and most parents cannot even think of parting from them during their most crucial period in life. One couple, however, could not be bothered with their care as they left their 16-months-old twins alone at home and went out on a partying spree for four entire days.

As reported by the Daily Mail, The Russian mother, 23-year-old Margarita Yanayeva, and her partner, 35-year-old Alexey, told their friends and family members that the kids were in the hospital undergoing treatment for coronavirus, and went out to party. The couple from Vilyuchinsk did not bother to take their children along nor did they care to leave them with an adult who could have cared for them. They left the infants locked and alone in the house without food while drinking their hearts out themselves.


The investigators who examined the scene were stunned with the couple's behavior. They revealed that "In the course of four days they were not feeding the children, and did not arrange alternative care for them." What kind of cruel parent one has to be to leave their helpless kids all alone.

The grandmother of the children, however, was concerned about the twins' wellbeing. She tried getting in touch with the couple innumerable times but failed to reach them. Her concerns were valid and she got aggravated knowing that the area in which the family lived was under lockdown due to the pandemic. She, eventually, had to contact the police and it was when the cops arrived that they discovered the children locked alone inside the house.


According to the Mirror, The grandmother was able to accompany the cops to the house where she discovered the kids in a bad shape. Unfortunately, the baby boy could not make it through and the baby girl is still fighting for her life. The twins were taken to a hospital in Russia’s Kamchatka region.

The couple was arrested and are facing grave charges. Apart from gross negligence, they have been charged with not fulfilling their parental duties as well as putting their children's lives in danger. If found guilty and convicted for the death of their son, they could face as long as 20 years in prison.

Such grim cases of parental negligence reveal a dark side of some people one cannot even fathom. What sort of parent favors drinking and partying over the lives and welfare of their children? Another similar case, in fact, happened in Arizona where the parents, 23-year-old Anthony Jose Archibeque-Martinez and 26-year-old Elizabeth Archibeque-Martinez, left their kids alone in the house alone and helpless.


As reported by Arizona Central, the heartless parents had left their two sons, 6 and 7 years old, locked in a closet for an entire month. The younger child perished as a result of their seemingly intentional negligence. The police reports indicate bizarre reasoning by the parents who, when interrogated, said that they had locked the children "because they were stealing food by sneaking out at night when the parents slept." In this case, even the grandmother was arrested as an accomplice as she too was complicit in the so-called punishment. 





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