20 Hilarious "Dear God" Letters Written by Kids That Will Make You Laugh AND Think

20 Hilarious "Dear God" Letters Written by Kids That Will Make You Laugh AND Think

Some are innocent, some are logical and some are just hilarious. Find your daily dose of laughter packed in 20 letters.

Kids are probably the most innocent beings ever created. But that's not the only thing that makes them special. One of the reasons why we all adore (and sometimes hope they won't say something and embarrass you in public) is how they are completely honest. They say things the way they see it, with no filters and no sugar-coating.

These letters, written by children to God, will show you what we mean! Some of these hilarious conversations between kids and God actually make a lot of sense. Kids think in a very interesting, and sometimes strange, way and you will love it!

1. Always give everyone, even God, the benefit of the doubt


2. If there's one thing that Sunday School has taught us, it's that God is capable of anything. And since he's always watching us, maybe this is how he does it


3. Hey Ginny, I know how you feel. I've hoped for the same myself


4. How old is God really? And how does everybody know him?


5. If Peter got his wish fulfilled, then I know what to ask for next


6. Raphael hoped to make a deal with God but then remembered his favorite things


7. Ah yes, the question about babies that makes every parent squirm


8. And this is probably what the child will be asking after their naughty brother scars them with the truth


9. Do you remember what your "when I grow up..." requests were?


10. The first thought every kid has when their mother wakes them up on a Sunday is probably this


11. Now, this might just solve a handful of problems


12. Never mind, Joyce. Maybe God didn't hear you right


13. This kid says out loud what all of us feel about our families at some point


14. Out of sight, out of mind? Not in this case


15. Here's what happens when you try to practice what you hear the Reverand say


16. This one will make you scratch your head in wonder


17. It can't hurt to ask, can it?


18. I thought we were supposed to be "well-behaved" in church


19. This heartfelt message by 9-year-old Tim is probably the most endearing of the bunch


20. We're glad Nora will never have to feel alone again


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