Easter Egg Butts — The Newest Trend to Hit the Internet

Easter Egg Butts — The Newest Trend to Hit the Internet

If you thought that there weren't enough creative traditions for Easter, here's one you never would have thought of in your wildest dreams.

Easter has been celebrated uniquely all around the world. From burning a cart in Italy to the famous Easter Egg Roll in the White House, there's no end to the festivities. But there may just be another Easter trend on the rise and it's got all the makings of a bizarre one. What does it involve, you ask?

It involves men and their Easter Egg butts.

Yeah... Let that sink in a minute.

In 2016, a slew of men decided to paint their butts like you would an Easter Egg and post it on Instagram. It didn't really get much attention back then, but now... it's certainly got the crowd's attention.

Though its true beginning is unclear, BuzzFeed did a piece about it in March of that year and commissioned some of their own Easter Eggs butts, photographed by Taylor Miller. After that, the hot Easter man buns went viral but didn't get as much acknowledgment as it should have. And here we have some of those beautiful displays for you. Who knows, maybe Easter Egg butts may just be more popular than the actual Easter Eggs. They've certainly made a crackin' comeback.


I mean, those rounded eggs just look beautiful, don't they? The color really makes the rears pop.


Who said that three's a crowd? Especially when you are all Easter Egg butt friends.


The more the merrier. Every shape and color is important.


No one is excluded from this sp-egg-tacular trend.


Classy... very classy.

And another one.


"What did one pizza butt say to the other?" "LOL"


When you lie on a bed of roses.


It's a trend for everyone.


It's a gift that keeps on giving.


Someone took Easter Eggs a bit further than the rest.


We shouldn't forget to appreciate the hard work of those behind-the-scenes (if you know what I mean).




The guys whose buns are being painted seem to be enjoying themselves as well.


Of course, these men aren't the only ones whose butts have been painted in honor of Easter. People have been doing this to babies for longer.


Don't you just love it when traditions get reimagined?


What could be cuter than babies? Babies with their butts painted for Easter!


Looks like even the canines weren't spared.


All it takes is for one entry of #Easterbutts on Instagram to be hit with a bunch of well-decorated butts to greet your eyes. It's certainly a trend that may be a bit... out there, but if it brings joy to the people, then it's certainly something we can get behind - literally.








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