Elvis Presley's Grandson Looks Just Like Him! | Return of "The King"?

Elvis Presley's Grandson Looks Just Like Him! | Return of "The King"?

It's uncanny just how much Benjamin looks like his grandfather and he's caught the attention of people without even stepping into the spotlight.

The King of Rock 'n' Roll may have left us but his memory lives on strong within us as the incredibly suave and charming Elvis Presley. He had a great impact on the world and his untimely death left fans reeling. But that didn't stop them from still referring to him as "The King". His immense talent and charisma weren't bound to just his physical form. It covered the stages, made his music blossom and had fans swooning over him. The mark he left in this world with his music is one that can never be erased. 


Having started a new style of rock and roll that incorporated the blues, a genre that had been an important part of his childhood, he took his passion and made it a success. Soulful performances, mesmerizing moves, and a trendsetter shot him to the top of the music industry.


Unfortunately, his celebrated career was cut down too soon when at the age of 42 in 1977, he suffered a heart failure. 


The legacy he left behind wasn't only within the music world. He also left behind his only daughter, Lisa Marie, and her mother, his ex-wife Priscilla. Lisa Marie lost her dad at the tender age of nine, according to Live About and like many other celebrity children, was always in the spotlight. Naturally, she understood the harsh effects of it.


When she was 20, she married her first husband, Danny Keough and brought two children into the world with him - Danielle Riley and Benjamin. Knowing what it was like to constantly be under the glare of the paparazzi, she did her best to keep them out of it for most of their lives. 

And this continued even while her high-profile marriages to actor Nicholas Cage and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson were the talk of the town. She kept her children's private life just that and ensured that they grew up in a mostly drama-free, normal style. And considering they were the grandchildren of "The King", that was a Herculean task she managed to pull off. She also had two more children with her fourth husband Michael Lockwood - fraternal twins, Harper and Finley Lockwood, according to Stuff.


As for Elvis' older grandkids, they made their own names in the entertainment industry once they grew up. Danielle Riley, more famously known as Riley Keough, is the eldest grandchild of Elvis Presley. She took on acting as her profession and made herself known in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Magic Mike, and The Girlfriend Experience. And her prowess didn't go unnoticed; she was nominated for her performance in The Girlfriend Experience, reported Pop Culture.

On the other hand, her younger brother Benjamin chose to maintain a lower profile but it wasn't like that for much longer especially after Lisa Marie posted a rare snap during Riley's 30th birthday celebration, according to Oprah Mag


He drew curiosity especially for his looks as many people noted that he looked rather uncannily like Elvis and were shocked when they found out the two were actually related. In fact, the 26-year-old looks so much like his grandfather that even his mother does a double-take when she looks at him.


 “He does [look so much like Elvis]!” she told CMT back in 2012, according to Inquisitr. “He was at the Opry and was the quiet storm behind the stage. Everybody turned around and looked when he was over there. Everybody was grabbing him for a photo because it is just uncanny.”


And it isn't just in the looks department that he's taken after Elvis. He too was rumored to be setting foot in the music industry, being a musician himself, reported the Daily Mail. He did attempt acting and was credited as a delivery guy in a short film Rod & Barry, but there are chances he may just stay away from the entertainment industry completely despite that popular face. 









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