Family Mourns 13YO Who Died in Freak Accident When Drunk Driver Lost Control of Truck, Crashed Into Her Room as She Slept

Family Mourns 13YO Who Died in Freak Accident When Drunk Driver Lost Control of Truck, Crashed Into Her Room as She Slept

Neighbors tried to save the girl who was pinned under the truck's wheels, but it was in vain as she later succumbed to her injuries.

A family lost its happiness after the life of an innocent teenager was taken away by the hands of a reckless drunk driver. 13-year-old Cambria Soto from Porterville was probably in a blissful slumber when suddenly she found herself pinned under a truck that crashed into her room at night.

People reported that the tragic incident took place on the morning of November 1, 2020. According to the Porterville Police Department, the crash site was utterly devastating. The impact of the accident left Cambria severely injured. Although she was immediately airlifted to Fresno Community Regional Medical by the emergency services, she succumbed to her injuries.


Investigators found the driver responsible for the horrifying accident. Alexis Mendoza, a 19-year-old boy was identified as the driver of the truck that crashed into the girl's bedroom. The young man was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. The authorities revealed that Alexis was racing on Tomah Avenue when he tried to turn but lost control. The amount of alcohol in Alexis' body tampered with his ability to understand speed or direction and he flew right over the curb and straight into Cambria's bedroom.

The young girl's death not only shocked her family but the people who knew her and the neighbors. They offered their condolences as they left flowers and candles near their apartment complex located on West Tomah and Olive. From the love expressed by the people, it's not hard to imagine how loved and cherished Cambria was by everyone.


One of the neighbors, Antonio Ramirez was deeply affected by the young girl's passing. He recalled her as the "the happiest little girl." On the day of the incident, Ramirez was woken up by a loud "boom" and then someone shouting "My Baby, my baby." What he saw would haunt him forever.

Present at the scene of the incident, Ramirez revealed that the 13-year-old was crushed underneath the back wheels of the truck driven by Alexis, reported Fox26. Even though a lot of effort was put by Ramirez and the other witnesses to help Cambria out of the agonizing situation, it was in vain. He said that the incident hurt him but it's nothing compared to what the young girl's family is going through.


A GoFundMe page has been set up by the community for the family to help them through these tough times. It read, "It is with heavy hearts to(sic) share that our dear Cambria was unexpectedly taken from us. Cambria was loved by so many, had a huge heart, and a beautiful smile that would light up any room."

Explaining the reason why the page has been created, the organizer penned, "We have started a fund to help out her loved ones she left behind. We want to help alleviate some of the hardship for the family."

"It is in these times of loss and sadness when family and friends come together to support one another. Anything donated will go toward Cambria's family. We thank you all for your gratitude, support, and love," the organizer continued. The page has raised $17,510 raised of the $10,000 goal (at the time of publication) for the grieving family.


Thanking the people who generously contributed, the organizer said, "We are truly amazed at how our community, friends, and family have pulled together during this hard time. We have reached our goal in 24 hours, and it’s almost unbelievable. We will still be accepting any donations for Cambria’s family. They are extremely grateful for all your love and kind words you have shared. Once again thank you for everything," said the organizer.





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