Your Favorite Fragrance Reveals Your Inner Feminine Spirit

Your Favorite Fragrance Reveals Your Inner Feminine Spirit

What fragrance you like - be it as a perfume or a soap - can be a giveaway about your personality. From bold to shy to adventurous, your favorite scent says a lot about you.

Every person has feminine and masculine qualities within them. Your feminine energy is all about creative energy and internal process. It defines most women. And one of the things that define your feminine energy is the kind of fragrance that you are attracted to. It speaks volumes about your personality and about the kind of woman you are.

A fragrance can give away who you are instantly. “Often on a first date, people put up a false front, acting their best and not wanting to show their weaknesses. But this way, you can get an instantly better understanding of who they truly are," Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, told Reader's Digest.

Since it's so telling, if you want to find out more about yourself, here's what your favorite fragrance tells you about your inner spirit.

1. Lavender

You may appear soft and gentle but you are unafraid to be strong in your values. Just like the scent, you are subtle yet always recognizable. You are also relatable, which makes you approachable and friendly.

“People who prefer lavender tend to be sexually reserved, but curious individuals. They value friendship and they tend to work well in groups. They’re thought of as contemplative and thoughtful,” says Dr. Hirsch.

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2. Rose 

You love sophistication and dress the part. Nostalgia is another thing that defines you. You are an evergreen person, according to Cosmopolitan. “These people are introspective and sensitive to the needs of others. They tend to weigh all options before making a choice,” Dr. Hirsch said to Reader's Digest. 

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3. Citrus 

You're a powerful and resourceful woman, who knows how to organize everyone. You know how to be in charge and take care of the brood.  Being a leader is normal for you, according to Cosmopolitan. “These are strong-minded, ambitious, natural leaders. They may be viewed as dominant and aggressive,” Dr. Hirsch told Reader's Digest.

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4. Vanilla 

One would imagine that those who love vanilla will be so themselves; the kinds who always go for the safe choice and don't take risks. However, that is far from the truth. Vanilla users are bold, they stand out and have a unique personality. You are a sensual being who knows how to make an entrance, according to Scentbird.

"People who like vanilla are lively, energetic, the life of the party—they’re anything but vanilla,” reveals Dr. Hirsch. “It’s the opposite of what you would have thought, because they’re very fun-loving.”

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5. Sandalwood 

You are a high-achiever and perfectionist. You have been hard on yourself all your life but that has made you successful. People might see you as a difficult person, but they rely on you completely. 

“Sandalwood lovers tend to have high expectations for themselves and others. They’re very self-critical, easily offended by physical remarks, and can misinterpret what others say about them,” Dr. Hirsch found.

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6. Fruity

Grapes and melons and berries, oh my! You have a young and fresh energy, however, you need more attention. You can get irritable easily if things don't go your way. You're a realistic person as well who likes to say things as they are. “They tend to be more irritable, cranky, and pessimistic,” says Dr. Hirsch. Your humor is cynical and not everybody understands you well. You are unique in your own way and are not afraid to show it.

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Which one's your favorite fragrance? And what does it say about you?





Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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