Fun Test: Your Birth Date Reveals What Kind of Partner Will Make You Truly Happy, According to Numerology

Fun Test: Your Birth Date Reveals What Kind of Partner Will Make You Truly Happy, According to Numerology

Numbers can guide you towards the ideal mate, who can make you feel satisfied and happy in your relationship.

Finding the right person can be a precarious journey for many people. Even when you find the right person, the timing and understanding of each other have to be impeccable. We invest a lot of our time and energy on having a good relationship with our partners, but sometimes we flounder. This journey is not without its challenges. Numerology can make it smoother for us.

Sometimes, even we don't know what we truly want in a partner, which is where this mystical system can help us. Numerology can reveal to us about our inner selves. It lays out the people we are deep within, which helps us understand those around us as well. Understanding each other is the basis of all good bonds after all.

Using numerology, your birth date will be able to reveal what kind of partner will make you happy. The birth date reveals to us our lifepath numbers, which can be found out by adding the numbers that make up our birth date.

Personality 1

Number ones are leaders with strong opinions. You love to be in charge of situations and when that doesn't happen, it can leave you feeling frustrated. You value independence and individuality in yourself and in others. The partners you will be compatible with should either be accepting of you or challenging you. They could be understanding because they are similar to you or because they have a laissez-faire attitude. Those who are happy-go-lucky and can diffuse stressful situations or are full of energy to complement the number one will be best suited. However, you won't gel well with those who don't value your opinions and try to dismiss you.

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Personality 2 

You value harmony in all parts of your life and being a peacemaker comes naturally to you. People flock to you for your measured advice and soothing presence. You are classy and composed as well, so partners who espouse these traits are going to be your ideal mate. If you're in a relationship with someone indecisive, you would be able to help them untangle their life. You would have a balancing effect on each other. A partner who is similar to you but with a lighter side can diffuse the seriousness. However, you are not someone who would mistake aggression for passion, and would steer clear from conflict-loving people.

Personality 3

You are a creative person, who likes to keep their options open. Independence and self-expression are important for you, as is having a large network of people. You want to have fun in all that you take up, and a partner who understands that will be an ideal mate. However, someone who knows how to take over the reins and deal with the practical bits of life will be good for you as long as you get along. You want people who can match your energy to explore their creative talents. An ideal mate would understand your need for independence and wouldn't try to stifle you because that is the last thing you will compromise with.

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Personality 4

You are an organized person and value security. You are the kind of person who can solve anything once you put your mind to it. You are hardworking, grounded and persistent. People who value these traits will gravitate towards you naturally since you will be harmonious partners. People who focus on details, just like you, will be happy with you. You will egg each other on towards completing your ambitious projects. You will never agree with people who are flighty and don't understand the need for planting roots.

Personality 5

You are bold and always on-the-go. You will have many kinds of people to date but whether the relationship lasts or not might depend entirely on your partner. You are a person who enjoys being in charge and detests those who are needy or predictable. People who understand your drive and are equally positive like you will have a higher chance in maintaining the relationship smoothly. You can't stand for routine and might be focused on your needs more than others, so a partner who understands that and knows how to be independent or gives selflessly, will be batter matched with you.

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Personality 6

You are the kind of person who will always have somebody to love because of how caring you are. People flock to you thanks to you giving nature. You value relationships and know how much compromise is necessary for longterm, passionate relationships. You are the kind of person who would protect others without being asked to. A calm partner, who is equally caring, understanding, and forgiving will be your perfect partner. You are someone who is freely giving of themselves but you dislike people who take advantage of your softer side.

Personality 7

You are someone with exacting standards, but love to enjoy yourself as well. You are energetic, creative, and an adventurer. You don't want to be tied down to anyone or any place but that doesn't mean you are detached. You are clever and funny as well, so people are attracted to you easily. You want a high energy person who is positive and bright. You want someone who can challenge you to grow and still indulges you in your child-like wonder of life. People who are intellectual and enjoy the art of performance might be the kind of partner you are compatible with. 

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Personality 8

You like to be in control, value tangible goals and have a strong desire to succeed. You hate it when someone else tries to take the charge away from you. You want to be recognized for the successes and want to be well-regarded by people. People who are balanced will be a good companion for you since they will be accepting of your need to shine. You might unintentionally be influencing your partner to be who you want them to be, so you need a strong companion who can be a challenge to you. You will be happier with people who mirror your ambition. You are unlikely to be with a free-spirited person who values self-expression over material goals.

Personality 9

As a nine, you like to keep your distance, which can make you hard to understand. You find it difficult to be vulnerable in front of others. You might have many friends, and that can slowly and gradually turn into a relationship given how long it takes for you to open up. You are always guarded around others and people who are soft and comforting may be able to go past the walls. They will soothe your insecurities enough for you to learn to be vulnerable with them. You will never be able to be yourself with people who are in your face with their personality.

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Don't know your lifepath number from your birth date? This is how you can find your number.




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