Fun Test: Can You Spot the 7 Differences in This Adorable Christmas Picture?

Fun Test: Can You Spot the 7 Differences in This Adorable Christmas Picture?

We know it's the holiday season, so why not spend some time to relax and exercise your mind.

Gergely Dudás a.k.a Dudolf is known for his creative seasonal puzzles and since Christmas is here, he has come up with some interesting puzzles for all of us. From finding the sheep among the Santas Claus to spotting Rudolph among other reindeer, our man Dudolf has something for everyone.

This time he's got us spotting differences in a puzzle that shows little elves going about their day in the snow. The differences are pretty minute so you will have to look carefully.

So, here you go!

Source: thedudolf.blogspot.com

There might be only seven differences that you have to spot but they are not easy, as you can see for yourself. It might take a little more time than usual. Come on, get cracking.

Here's a clue for you... don't look at the obvious things!

He has a lot of fans on his social media pages. When Dudolf shared this puzzle on his Facebook, it got many shares. He has more than 30,000 followers on his Instagram page. 

So... were you able to find all the seven differences yet? If not we won't make you wait for too long.

Here's the answer key:

Source: dudolfsolutions.blogspot.com






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