Fun Test: Pick Your Favorite Sitting Position and See What It Reveals About Your Personality

Fun Test: Pick Your Favorite Sitting Position and See What It Reveals About Your Personality

Personality tests are great ways to find out more about ourselves and those close to us. You might even be able to figure out what someone is thinking simply by observing their behaviour.

Humans are complex, and sometimes inscrutable to themselves even. As per a communication expert, our relationship with our selves can be broken down into four categories: (a) what we know about ourselves but others don't, (b) what others and we both know about ourselves, (c) what others know about us but we don't know, and (d) what others and we both don't know about ourselves, as per Selfawareness.org.uk.

But, if you would like to know yourself better there are many tools to help you do that. Body language happens to be one of them. Our body language is a window into our hearts and minds. It can tell us about our own inner selves as much as it can reveal about others' personalities. Our favorite sitting position is one of the body languages that can reveal what is going on within.

Here are eight sitting positions that open up the mystery of you. Pick your favorite sitting position and see what it reveals about you.

1. Straight with good posture

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

In schools and from our parents, we might have been taught to sit straight instead of slouching. It gives off an aura of confidence and alertness. If you naturally take this sitting position then you are all those things. You are reliable and observant. Your straight back is an indicator that you are always on the go and prepared for anything. People know to come to you for good advice. Besides, a straight posture will make sure your back doesn't hurt. So, it's a win-win!

2. Kneeling

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

It is not easy to sit in this position but if you find yourself kneeling more often than not, it could show that you are humble. In many cultures, people kneel before God. If this is your favorite position to sit in, you are probably kind and helpful. You are likely a charming person and you enjoy being out and about amongst people. You probably make new friends wherever you go and people love to be in your company.

3. Sidesaddle

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you like to sit in this position, then you are likely close to your feminine side. You may be sensitive and caring but also confident in your abilities. You have no problems showing your vulnerable side to the world but you do worry about being taken advantage of. However, you may have learned to protect yourself better with time. You probably surround yourself with beautiful things.

4. Legs crossed and bouncing

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you cross your legs often and bounce them, it could seem like you are impatient. That may not be the case, but perhaps, you have a lot on your mind. Maybe, you are a worrier or you are not using your full potential. You certainly have extra energy within that is being expressed through this habit. Some people might take time to get used to your unique take on the world. You are not ashamed of being yourself and that boldness shows in your demeanor.

5. Hands clasped in lap

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you like to sit with your hands clasped in your lap, it could be that you are trying to put up a wall. It may be that you are a reserved person or are actively trying to stop your feelings from spilling over. Perhaps, you are passionate and emotional, and the clasping of the hands is a physical way to hold yourself back. Once people get to know you, they stay close by because your love for life and good times is infectious.

6. Ankles crossed

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If crossing your angles while your legs dangle is your favorite way of sitting, it could be that you are a little guarded. You might take time opening up to others and are also elegant. This is a somewhat guarded position to sit in and might show that you are not ready to reveal all of yourself yet. It might seem to others that you are watching them before opening up. It might make others feel a little reserved around you as well. This works for you as you probably don't like to suffer fools.

7. Cross-legged

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

This is one of the most common ways of sitting and if you like to sit cross-legged, you are likely someone who is relaxed. You are open and carefree, and you truly know how to let your hair down. You probably don't like to stress about the small worries in life and go with the flow a lot. People might accuse you of being too laidback, but it doesn't bother you since you prefer taking your time to get something right. You are not one for formalities, and make yourself comfortable in any situation.

8. Reclined

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If your favorite sitting position is to recline back with legs outstretched and hands behind you, then you are a cautious person. You probably like to think about something from all sides to ensure that you make the right decision. You are a thinker and prefer to analyze a situation before acting on it. Nothing gets past you easily as you are careful, a perfectionist, and watchful. 



Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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