Fun Test: Can You Spot the Sheep Hiding Among the Happy Santas? Be Warned, This One's Not Easy!

Fun Test: Can You Spot the Sheep Hiding Among the Happy Santas? Be Warned, This One's Not Easy!

Santa's little lamb is hiding somewhere. Can you find it?

Christmas is almost here!

People are finally coming out of their pandemic lockdown gloom. With the chatter and excitement of all the festivities, it definitely takes our minds off things that tend to stress us out.

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Puzzle master Gergely Dudás has come up with some fantastic holiday-themed seek-and-find brainteasers for us.

The children's book illustrator is famous for his seek-and-find puzzle books with different themes that would be enjoyable for both children and adults. Here's one for you since it's Christmas.

In this one, the artist has asked you to find the sheep hidden among all these Santas. If you think it would be easy, take a look at it yourself.

Source: Gergely Dudas blogpost

So, do you still think it's an easy one?

Dudolf's artwork is quite distinct. While it looks easy, it is quite challenging. They can be easily found on his social media pages and website. Some of his noteworthy works include Bear's Springtime Book of Hidden Things, Bear's Spooky Book of Hidden Things (Halloween), and Bear's Merry Book of Hidden Things (Christmas).

Coming back to the puzzle... did you see it? We'll tell you a secret, it's at the bottom right corner. 

Tricked you! It was the wrong clue. Alright, no more play.

It's absolutely okay if you couldn't find the sheep, we've got you.

Also, Merry Christmas!

Answer Key:

Source: Gergely Dudas blogpost



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