Girl Battling Cancer Bullied by "Friend" Who Snatched Her Wig to Humiliate Her | "I Just Want to Leave School Forever"

Girl Battling Cancer Bullied by "Friend" Who Snatched Her Wig to Humiliate Her | "I Just Want to Leave School Forever"

The young girl undergoing chemo was humiliated by another girl, who she thought was her friend, in the school gym.

For some, school is one of the best and most educative times of their life. But there are many people who go through the worst time when they are in school because of the behavior of other students towards them. Sometimes, those people leave a lifelong scar on your mind and the pain stays with you for the rest of your lives. As young children, the pain inflicted by another peer, sometimes from people who we thought were a friend, can be more devastating. Many students who are bullied at school get depressed or even feel unwanted in their environment. It is important to address this issue in all schools and stop these acts of mental abuse right from the start.

A sixth-grader in Plano, Texas recently underwent one of the harshest things in school at the hands of her peer. A'Myah Moon, 11, studies at Bowman Middle School and had been subjected to "a humiliating prank by one of her classmates," according to WFAA. The middle school student had been struggling at school since she was being constantly bullied after being diagnosed with cancer over a year ago.


Her family said that she was diagnosed with rare cancer and has to go for weekly doctor’s visits, bi-weekly chemotherapy sessions, and regular blood transfusions as treatment. Chemotherapy can often cause hair to fall out and she too lost her hair. So, she wears a wig instead.

When she was at school, someone she thought was a friend ended up bullying her. "Someone she thought was a friend, chased her around the gym, and pulled her wig off in front of everyone," Syreeta Smith, A'Myah's mother said. The other "little girl" also called her names in front of other classmates. After the incident, the 11-year-old locked herself in the restroom and cried.


"I just want to leave school forever, and don’t want to have no friends, no more," the girl said. "I got really sad, and I got dizzy and I left," A'Myah said.

Syreeta said that her daughter was being picked and bullied for her appearance. The mother had gotten her a wig as a sense of security and confidence last October when she went back to school, according to Atlantablackstar. They wanted her to feel like she fit in.


A spokesperson from the Plano Independent School District released a statement to reassure the parents, "Bowman Middle School and Plano ISD administrators have been responding to the situation and are working closely with all involved students and their parents. While we cannot discuss disciplinary measures as it relates to a specific student or students, our response to any behavioral concerns is always in accordance with district policy and the Plano ISD Student Code of Conduct. Plano ISD students are expected to treat one another with respect and civility and we will continue to reinforce this expectation."

A protest was also held at the school where almost two dozen protestors holding signs chanted against what the sixth-grader experienced. "Stop the bullies," the group shouted. "Save a life!"


Syreeta shared a message on her Facebook, saying, "A’Myah is ecstatic, so grateful and happy about the love and support she’s getting. We are crying but tears of joy not saddens. Please take this time out to educate your children on bullying and how to respect others. Sick or not no one deserves to be bullied."





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