Grieving Mother Left Shocked After Seeing Late Daughter's Spirit Playing With Toys at Her Grave | "I Know That Is My Daughter"

Grieving Mother Left Shocked After Seeing Late Daughter's Spirit Playing With Toys at Her Grave | "I Know That Is My Daughter"

Saundra lost her daughter back in 2018. Her boyfriend was later arrested under the charges of child abuse resulting in death.

People deal with grief in different ways. While some try to bury themselves under work to muffle the thoughts of their loss, others express it on a regular basis by sharing their cherished moments. But a mother has found a way to bare the loss of her two-year-old daughter uniquely.

It's been almost two years since Saundra Gonzales held her baby girl in her arms. But she believes that her daughter, Faviola Rodriguez still lives. And honestly, we can't help but believe her too because she has proof. She claims that surveillance footage in a graveyard where Flaviola was put to rest shows her little one walking around the graveyard.

The two-old-year was buried at the Mosanic Cemetery in Las Cruces, New Mexico, after she died in September 2018 in mysterious circumstances under the care of Saundra's boyfriend, Lalo Anthony Castrillo, reported KFOX 14. According to Medical staff, Flaviola had bruising on her head, face, and ribs. The 23-year-old Lalo was arrested on the charges of child abuse resulting in death.


Saundra and Flaviola's grandfather were the ones who were most affected by the loss of a child who had just started to enjoy her life. "When this happened to Favi, it was like something just ripped his heart and soul out of his body, and nobody deserves that. The same for his daughter, Sandra. She’s Favi’s mom. This was her only child, her beautiful little girl, again, taken away from her," said Frank Duran, the child's uncle.

As her baby girl's death anniversary approaches, Saundra believes her daughter reached out to her, in the most unusual way, which also led her to have a conversation with another family. According to her, the whole ordeal was meant to happen.

Still waiting for her daughter to get the justice that she deserves, Saundra took to her Facebook page and wrote, "[On] September 6, 2018 She was murdered and her killer is still free and everyday it is hard for us because we are constantly told to be 'patient' because the DAs office is doing their job and things like this 'take time.' This September it will be two years now and her trial has been continued for the 4th or 5th time already!! It has made me full of hate and anger towards our system because it’s Failing my daughter Faviola, the other child abuse victims, and all the children in our state!"


Saundra then spoke about how she had noticed that toys and decorations were going missing from her daughter's grave. At the very same time the other family, mentioned in Saundra's post, were searching for the person who was reportedly vandalizing their deceased son's grave. The images captured from the camera placed on a nearby gravestone were shocking, reported CBS affiliate WOAI

They were expecting to see their son's killer to be the one vandalizing the grave but instead, they saw a little girl near it at night. They immediately contacted the owners of the cemetery fearing that the child was lost but one of the workers recognized who the baby girl was. He said "We know that little girl," and showed them where she was buried. It was Flaviola's grave.


Describing the incident Saundra wrote on her post, "They were just in shock and when they went the next day my grandma and I happened to be there. What are the odds of them seeing us the next day? I know it was not only a sign from my daughter but also fate for us all to meet."

When she was shown the pictures of the little girl near the grave with some toys, Saundra couldn't help but cry as she was overwhelmed by emotions. She was convinced that the little girl in the picture was her daughter. Talking about it in her post she penned, "I KNOW that is my daughter! There is not one ounce of doubt in my heart because it looks like her head to toe, from her hair to her clothes and chanclas!"


After learning about the other family's loss, Saundra looked for more information about their son. On her post, she wrote, "His obituary says, 'He always believed in Redemption and his dream was to minister to those feeling lost and saving lives. James will be greatly missed and remembered for his contagious smile, sense of humor and his jack of all trades.'"

In the final captured picture the child can be seen walking with a much taller figure who Saundra thinks is the family's deceased son. She believes that her daughter was there to help the other family's son ascend to heaven.


"I know Faviola was sent to James from the lord to take him to heaven because he is an angel just as she is. I truly believe in my heart she was sent to him to comfort him and to let him know he is okay now. In the last photo you can see two figures a tall man and a child walking away! She took him home with our mighty Lord," concluded Saundra in her post.





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