This Guy Tried to Mansplain Periods and Tampons to Women and They Took It Really Well... NOT

This Guy Tried to Mansplain Periods and Tampons to Women and They Took It Really Well... NOT

One man made the mistake of mansplaining tampons to the people who use them every month and Twitter women are up in arms about his ignorance.

Mansplaining is a concept that we, as a society, are finally getting and quite frankly, it's pissing us off. For those of you who aren't quite clear on the topic, mansplaining is when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending way, more often than not about a women-related issue, or when they offer their opinion on a problem that they weren't asked about. And this man has taken it to a whole new level and incited the rage of women.

Technically, if you have no uterus, you shouldn't really have an opinion on things that women go through, especially periods. Men don't typically menstruate so how would they know the specifics of what we go through every cycle?

But this definitely doesn't stop him from explaining the process of tampons and periods... to women. This classic case of mansplaining is enraging women and they are not afraid to call him out on it.

This unidentified man posted something on the internet and it was screenshotted and posted by Twitter user Aisghair with the caption, "Look at this f****** dweeb."


In the post, he tries to break down our periods to the cost of a tampon.

“So, the average period is between 10-35ml  of blood, each tampon holds about 5ml, so 7 tampons per cycle. Let’s be generous and say 10 for those ladies with an extra juicy uterine lining. 9 periods per year = 90 tampons max.”

Really? Not to mention, he made a critical error. Apparently, for him, women have their periods for only 9 months. That basically discredited his entire argument. But wait there's more...

He even added information on where tampons can be purchased (oh yes, we had no idea... we've only been suffering this problem for, I don't know, forever). He said, “You can get a 64 pack on Amazon for £7.90 plus shipping. Buy two packs, save on shipping and have 128 tampons for the year, that's about £20 here or their for a year’s periods.”

But that wasn't it. He even threw in free advice on cost-cutting. “Cut down on your Starbucks venti frapps and stop whining. This isn’t a first world problem.”

Then came the endless roasting on Twitter from women:






One woman even questioned whether he's ever met a woman:


This woman clearly agrees:


Or maybe, he thinks it's like an employee.


One woman sums it up almost perfectly.


Someone give this woman the remote.


This woman just gave up.



The sarcasm is strong with this one.


Apart from the insane roasting though, there was one woman who tried to explain to him why his "logic" doesn't work. She was definitely kinder than most. 






But there's a response that wins the comment section:


It's a shame when men start mansplaining women problems to the people who are quite intimate with them. How would you respond to him?





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