The Way Your Partner Chooses to Display Affection Reveals What He Values in You

The Way Your Partner Chooses to Display Affection Reveals What He Values in You

Your partner can display his love for you in different ways. And the way he does it shows what he holds dear.

One of the best things about being with that person who lights up your world is receiving their affection. Those small gestures of love, affection, and passion that your partner shows you make your relationship so much more fulfilling and exciting. These things remind you that there is someone who loves you unconditionally and gives you their all. It shows that they value what they have with you. 

In fact, the way they display their affections shows what your partner values the most in your relationship. 

1. He hugs and cuddles you


If your partner hugs or cuddles you often, it indicates that he values protection and intimacy. When he wraps his arms around you, it's a promise to keep you safe, and at the same time a way to connect with you on a deep level. It's his way of building trust in the relationship and allowing you to be vulnerable with him. You can see this side of him come out strongly when you're having a bad day or are nervous about something; he will try to make you feel safer through the comfort of his arms. He wants to keep all things bad and negative away from you. It's his way of showing you that he is the pillar that you can lean on. At the same time, he wants to feel closer to you, like the two of you are one.

You love how protective and intimate he is, but sometimes you wish that he would be more active around the house. You wish that maybe he might take over the duties of washing the dishes or taking care of the kids, occasionally.

2. He helps you around the house with chores 

Helps with chores

If you find that whenever you're having a bad day, your partner is doing the chores, it indicates that he values commitment. He sees you as his equal and wants to make sure that he's doing his part to help reduce the burden on you. From running grocery errands to getting the laundry done, it's his way of showing he respects your time and efforts. Additionally, it shows that he wants to support you emotionally and make sure that you can be yourself around him. He wants you to know that he will listen to you when you need it and try to reduce your stress.

This sort of help is a major relief but you hope that occasionally at least, he would let you know that you're still attractive to him. You want him to be a bit open with his physical gestures even though you don't want to change anything about him.

3. He listens to you when you need to vent


If you can cry or rant to your partner, knowing you won't be judged, it indicates that he values honesty and trust. He is not afraid of being emotionally vulnerable because he knows that he can trust you with his feelings, the way you can trust him with yours. He knows that only by being open and honest about his feelings, will you be able to build a stronger connection with him. He also shows you this vulnerability through his physical gestures. He doesn't want you to feel like you're an outsider in your own relationship and wants you to know that he doesn't take you for granted. 

You just wish that maybe he could be a bit more vocal about his support for you instead of just absorbing your pain and trying to appease you. In some sense, you want him to give you that little nudge towards your goals when you feel like you're ready to give up. 

4. He supports you in your goals and achievements

Supports you

If your partner is practically your cheerleader, it indicates that he values respect. He loves you just as you are, quirks and all. He knows your potential to get anything you set your mind to and wants to ensure that you are the best version of yourself. He is in no way threatened by your success. If anything, his pride only builds with every goal you set for yourself and achieve. And his pride and support translate into his efforts to lessen your burden around the house. He makes sure that you don't have to constantly deal with house errands so that you can focus on your goals. 

However, there are times when you wish you could just sit him down and build an emotional connect with him. You understand that he wants to cheer you on but sometimes that means that he tends to hear you but not listen. 

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