Fun Test: How Your Partner Reacts During an Argument Reveals So Much About Your Relationship

Fun Test: How Your Partner Reacts During an Argument Reveals So Much About Your Relationship

Arguments are bound to take place between couples, but how he reacts to it can say a lot about the direction and strength of your relationship.

Every couple argues. It's normal in every relationship. Whether it's a couple that has been together for a few months or for decades, there are bound to be fights and disagreements. But what truly matters and describes how strong your relationship is, is how your partner reacts to the argument.

1. He shuts you out

Shuts you out

If he completely shuts down on you during a fight, it's an indication that he finds it hard to deal with emotions. His defense mechanism is to give you the cold shoulder or the silent treatment and might even walk away from you while you are talking. While it means that he won't argue back, it also means that settling differences becomes even harder. If every time issues crop up and he chooses to walk away from it, those same issues will just build up and lead to a blow out later that could put your relationship on the rocks. Even trying to figure out how he feels will become harder and slowly, this could result in a disconnect between the two of you. Soon enough, you'll just be two passing ships.

2. He raises his voice at you

 Raises voice at you

If he immediately shouts back once you bring up a problem that needs solving and doesn't really think it through, it's a sign of a confrontational attitude and a short temper. While you might see this initially happening only during arguments, it can spill over into other aspects where he will find it okay to blow his top at anything he doesn't like which might add to his insecurities. It might not be out of resentment but if it continues for longer periods of time, it could escalate into something big which will then lead to a rift between you and him - one that might be very hard to fix. It's because of his reaction that you might start walking on eggshells around him which in turn increases your stress.

3. He listens to you and argues sensibly

Argues sensibly

When he listens to you and then puts his point across in a calm manner, it indicates that while he has strong opinions, he is also objective and compassionate about your feelings. He knows that he can get through to you without shouting and understands that such arguments can be resolved without resorting to low blows or below-the-belt comments. It's also an indication that he's secure in the relationship and knows he can be vulnerable with you because you won't use it against him. Even if at first he's silent but then comes up to you to discuss it, it shows that he cares enough to address the issues. He just wants both of you to go to sleep without being angry. Consider yourself lucky if you find this kind of partner.

4. He gives in without a fight

Gives in without a fight

Some might think that this kind of partner is the best but it depends on the kind of person they are otherwise. When he gives in without a fight, it doesn't necessarily mean that he is kind or that he cares about you intensely to not fight back. If anything, it could mean that he shies away from confrontation. If that is the case, then when both of you are having some downtime, carefully bring this topic about and ask him how he feels about such confrontations. It could be a sign that he wants you to listen to him rather than you sharing just your thoughts. Being with him might increase your want to have a roadmap into his mind, but with a little peaceful conversation, you can find out how he truly feels.

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