If a Partner Has These 6 Traits, the Relationship may Last a Lifetime

If a Partner Has These 6 Traits, the Relationship may Last a Lifetime

We all strive to achieve a 'together forever' kind of a relationship but that is only possible when both the partners make equal efforts.

With the onset of the new year, we all want positivity to light up our lives. We try to leave our failures, grief, negativity in the past and open our arms to a new beginning. When you are married or in a long-term relationship, you want your relationship to grow stronger and more mature than what it was in the past, you don't want to repeat the same mistakes and strive to give it your best. But you should always remember that a relationship is a two-way traffic. It will come to a halt when your partner does not put as much work in it as you do.

Therefore, it is important for you to know if your partner is ready to think of a future with you or not. Not just because you get to know if your efforts are in vain but you also get to know if you should try harder or not. So here are 6 traits that would let you know whether your current partner is your life-partner.

1) Respect for your aspirations and opinions

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It should not be lost on you both that people have different opinions, beliefs, and desires. It is imperative for both the partners to understand each other and what their way of thinking is. If your partner is someone who does not negate your opinions, instead encourages you to expand your horizons and know better, it's a sign that they will most likely be there for you because in a way they bring out the best in you. Not just that, if he respects your choice and decisions and gives you the space to make your own decisions regarding your life, he could support you in the most valuable phases of your life. He will not only put his trust in you but would also understand that you are capable enough to keep it, come what may while also working towards your aspirations.

2) Empathy and emotional availability

An inflated sense of masculinity can be very detrimental to your relationship. When your partner thinks that he cannot show his emotions as it is that means he fails to show his vulnerable side to you and will forever want you to know him as a formidable human being who does not get attached or emotional. But if your partner opens up to you in his most vulnerable forms it is a sign of security, comfort, and unshakeable trust which is a nurturing element in a relationship. This also means that he will be there for you and support you in your low phases because he understands what it feels like.

3) Maturity and a willingness to solve problems

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Relationships cannot be free of opinion clashes and disagreements but when you understand that your motive is to solve the issue together and not demean the other person with negative arguments and harsh words, this means that you are emotionally mature. If your partner strives to work together with you in order to resolve differences and keep shallow feelings at bay this indicates that he is a keeper and does not want to lose you.

4) An ability to listen

Everyone would wish to be with a partner who could hear us out and not give judgments. If your partner gives you an audience when you want to confide in him that means he wants to know about your inner self and the things that you would never say to other people. This also proves that he wants to make you feel that your deepest thoughts are safe with him and he loves you no matter what.

5) Acceptance of who you are

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Trying to change one's partner according to their own convenience is anything but love. Love should liberate you, not captivate you. If you can be unabashedly yourself in your partner's presence, this means they cherish you for who you are. If you wait all day long to go back to your partner because that's where you will not have to pretend, it means he accepts you fully. If you laugh your craziest laugh, cry your ugliest tears, and be your messiest self in his presence, then he is your home and home is all about acceptance and inclusiveness.

6) Sincere towards the relationship you both have built

Canceling a plan with his friends to be with you when you are sick, making small gestures to show that he loves and cares for you, finding ways to tell you that he loves you, laughing with you, crying with you, trying to sort out disagreements together, etc., if he does all this, he is meant to be for life. This means that he is invested in the relationship - emotionally! And that he wants to add value to the relationship by helping you nurture and grow closer to him. If your partner is sincere towards the relationship and you, he is the one for you!

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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