13 Illustrations That Make You Wonder Whether Growing Old Together Is as Amazing as It's Cracked up to Be

13 Illustrations That Make You Wonder Whether Growing Old Together Is as Amazing as It's Cracked up to Be

If you are looking forward to growing old together with your partner, these are some relatable things you should know about.

When you have been married for decades and have spent a lifetime together, you learn a thing or two about each other, to say the least. The greatest feeling of growing old together is that you two understand each other like nobody else. Even your kids don't get your unique sense of humor as a couple. Whether you're cribbing to each other or going through the same troubles, the feeling of camaraderie is always present. 

Artist Brian Crane has been adding a dose of relationship humor through Pickles, a comic strip featuring a retired couple, Earl and Opal Pickles, for years now. Every morning, when you opened the newspaper, this happily retired couple would be there to greet you and pull you into their world. 

Crane had modeled the cartoon after his wife Diana Long's parents - Bud and Ardella Long, of Pocatello, Idaho, according to BYU Magazine. Now, they have become household names and bring a smile to thousands of people.

1. When you agree on things to make her happy


2. When you don't need to be "polite" anymore


3. When the romance is still alive


4. When you have perfected the art of being "interested"


5. When she's the balance you need in life


6. When he's the only one allowed to make jokes on you


7. When the humor's still alive and kickin'


8. When you relate to each other like no other person


9. When he understands you like nobody else


10. When she's the kind of fairy you need in life 


11. When you wonder if you could exchange him for someone else


12. When you wish he helped until he actually helped


13. When you just can't believe your ears







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