Insensitive Husband Shames Wife's Post-Pregnancy Body at Family Gathering, Calls It "Wrinkled & Leathery-Looking"

Insensitive Husband Shames Wife's Post-Pregnancy Body at Family Gathering, Calls It "Wrinkled & Leathery-Looking"

The husband defended himself and stated he was only making a suggestion.

Being pregnant is joyous news and there is no greater happiness for a mother than to see their offspring for the first time after waiting for nine long months. However, the happiness of birth also brings along physical changes in the mother. After carrying the baby for nine months, a woman's body goes through so many changes, and it is impossible for the mother to get back to her former shape immediately. Additionally, the woman also has to fulfill other responsibilities as a new mother. In such circumstances, women would want their partners to be their biggest cheerleader. However, some partners fail to respect the woman and do not refrain from making hurtful comments.


One such man took to Reddit to tell his story, according to Cafe Mom. The anonymous husband, whose post has been removed from the platform stated, "This Memorial Day, our family decided to have a small barbecue by our outdoor pool." He then went on to state that his wife had given birth just a few months ago and the couple had welcomed their youngest daughter. "My wife gave birth to our youngest daughter seven months ago, and this is the first time our family has gotten to have fun together."

The husband described their day and said that everyone was having fun, swimming, and posting Tik Tok videos and Instagram stories. Shortly, he was surprised when his wife walked out in a bikini. The insensitive man said it was "awkward."

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"Everybody got a full view of her still pregnant looking stomach as well as very wrinkled and leathery-looking skin," according to Cafe Mom. He continued the story and wrote that his wife went to the poolside to play with their nephew. Moments later, his mother approached him and said his wife looked "tacky."

"My mom whispers in my ear that a 40-year-old woman in a bikini looked tacky. And she brings up that my daughter was planning to post a family picture to Instagram," he continued, according to Cafe Mom.

The husband further wrote that his daughter was concerned about posting a picture with her mother in a bikini. He stated that his daughter said that her friends would be disturbed to see what looked like the "female version of saggy tests."

When everyone gathered, the husband felt it was his opportunity to talk to his wife regarding his thoughts. "I pull my wife aside and ask if she could change into nonpool going clothes or a one-piece," wrote the man. But his wife did not take it well. She was furious and stormed out after reminding him of the recent delivery. "She flips out at me and starts explaining how this body gave me a precious baby and made a general scene. She then storms off and we end up having to take the picture without her," wrote the man.

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Soon after the party, the angry wife decided to address the issue again. "When the party ends, she brings up the old argument of when we suggested she get a tummy tuck from the plastic surgeon my sister used." She further called him a misogynist and said that he was in love with his sister. However, instead of listening to her and  empathizing with her, the man said he was "just objectively pointing out the fact that if she could have a stomach that is flatter, why should she accept any different?"

Enraged by her husband, the woman moved her belongings from their bedroom. The husband complained that she was ignoring him. He even defended his actions by saying that his mother supported him and it was not wrong for him to look out for his eldest daughter.

Reddit users immediately commented on the incident. "There is nothing tacky about her swim suit. Want a bikini body? Get bikini, put it on. Done. You and your family was so incredibly disrespectful to your wife," wrote one. Another stated, "She gave birth to a baby, your baby, oh woe betide someone wearing a bikini who doesn't have a flat stomach and gravity defying t--s after giving birth. YTA and you know what, your daughter has 14k followers, who i can't imagine is going to join a group body shaming session, since you allowed YOUR CHILD TO BODYSHAME HER OWN MOTHER! And you did it too, sorry a tummy tuck?"

Nobody supported the man and his hurtful way of dealing with his wife. And why would they!



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