Isolated Elderly Patients in Care Home Playing Hungry Hippos on Wheelchairs Show How to Find Laughter Even During the Darkest Times

Isolated Elderly Patients in Care Home Playing Hungry Hippos on Wheelchairs Show How to Find Laughter Even During the Darkest Times

The elderly residents of a care home are showing the world how to do quarantine right!

As more and more countries are being locked down to break the coronavirus chain, people around the world are coming up with innovative ideas to keep themselves engaged and productive during isolation. A care home in Wales, UK, with its way of quarantining, has shown the world how being disconnected is not really that bad and has also restored people's zest to live life come what may.

Wales' Bryn Celyn Care Home came up with a creative idea to keep all its elderly residents and workers occupied and anxiety-free by organizing a life-size version of children's game Hungry Hippos. They posted the video on Facebook with the caption, "Residents really enjoyed playing a new game today Hungry Hippos. Lots of laughter to lift the morale of the team and residents! 🦛😀❤️"

The video sees the residents sitting in wheelchairs in a circle with several colored balls in the center. Each person held a pole with a basket fixed to the end to capture the colored balls, similar to the board game version.


After the players were in their positions someone was heard calling "Go!" and the workers were seen pushing the players towards the balls while they tried to collect as many of them in their baskets. This not only brought laughs and cheer in the care home, but social media users are also endeared by this effort and showering love on the team and the residents.

One commenter wrote, "This has made my day xx you’re the best! X." While another said, "Well done to the team that thought this out, bet it was great fun☺"

"Fantastic idea, well done to the team x. Would love to see you recreate buckeroo," wrote another commenter.

Recently, Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford announced that the country will be tightening its restrictions in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, BBC reported.


“Over the last few weeks we have asked everyone in Wales to make changes to the way we live our lives,” Drakeford said in a statement Monday, per BBC News. “We have asked you to stay at home, we have asked you to work from home if you can and not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary,” quoted PEOPLE.

And the UK twitter took it with a pinch of salt.






As the coronavirus is getting more and more real, people are choosing to stay at home voluntarily or due to a lockdown in their country. Italy that has been under a lockdown for a few weeks now had earlier started this trend of doing productive things while at home. Videos of Italians playing music and singing from their respective balconies started going viral and it not only spread cheer in their country but it also lifted the morale of everyone and showed that even in isolation we can be united.




Also, when it comes to entertainment and community participation, how can Hollywood stay behind? Many celebrities started posting videos of their quarantine activities to keep themselves and their fans engaged. From Chris Martin to Ellen, globally renowned celebrities came together in solidarity to spread positivity.




As for the video of elderly residents playing hungry hippos, it will restore your faith in the beauty of life and why is it worth living every single second!



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