Jennifer Garner Sobs as She Talks About Her Children Coping With Lockdown | "It’s Heavy for Everyone"

Jennifer Garner Sobs as She Talks About Her Children Coping With Lockdown | "It’s Heavy for Everyone"

The mom-of-three is grateful for being safe during the pandemic but saddened by how this year would be affecting young minds the world over.

The lockdown has been hard on everyone in different ways. For instance, people with mental health issues may have felt that the isolation was going to break them down or people who are healthcare workers would have felt that they are ready to collapse from the load. For many others, it may have felt that their lives came to a standstill and they are trapped. It can bring out some difficult emotions and even celebrities are not immune to this.

Mom-of-three, Jennifer Garner recently expressed how her children have been doing during this time. She shares Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel with ex-husband Ben Affleck. They split in 2015 after 10 years of marriage. The 13 Going on 30 actress became emotional while talking about the lockdown and how lucky she feels to have the safety that she does.

"I feel so lucky, I’ve been in the luckiest possible circumstance. I have a roof, I have food, I have health, and so does my family. I have no complaints," she said during an Instagram live session, as per Metro UK. "I’m really thinking about my kids and what their experience is going to be… They’re so lucky to be at the schools that offer… We have broadband, so many kids in rural America don’t have broadband," she added.


"We have excellent teachers who can teach over Zoom, that is a one in a million possibility in this world and yet it’s also a depressing one. What is this year full of transitions going to look like, for kids, for my family? How can I keep the joy in learning for them, or help them just to continue to find that resilience and that’s where I am today," she added during her talk with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts. The doctor praised the actress for being "vulnerable" in an unprecedented time like this.

"I think it’s easy to also focus on how lucky you are, and that is true and I do, and I am. But you have to also let the other stuff be there at the same time. It has to co-exist. It is heavy, it’s heavy for everyone. How do kids in this world...live in all this heaviness?" she said as she collected herself.


In a previous interview with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which was also done from the confines of her home, the mom said that things have been well at her end. "Everyone's really good. They have been great. We have our moments of course but I think they really get the call to action of staying put and working hard to keep your chins up," the Elektra actress said, as per Hello! Magazine. "They're cleaning the house and helping out and they've been really good," she added.


She also related one instance where it could have turned into a medical emergency. "Every Sunday we do the whole house. My son – I finally let him do his bathroom himself, he's eight, and I walked in, and he had put so much like bathtub cleaner in it and then just filled it with water and emptied the water out, so it had coated the inside of the tub, and it took me like 20 minutes of scrubbing. So we had to take a step back and say, that was thorough, there was a lot cleaner, but it would have eaten your skin off, so let's try again," she added.

Affleck and she live nearby so their kids can spend time with both parents. Her kids have also been spending time with Affleck's new girlfriend Ana de Armas. The kids played a joke on their father recently when they put a huge cutout of Armas in front of his house. The cutout was of the Knives Out actress lying on the lawn and smiling while her feet were up.


"Ben and Ana are happy together and have enjoyed spending time with his family," a source told ET last month. "He and Jen continue to work together on co-parenting. They make it work."





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