Kiera Knightley Admits That Marriage is "Tricky" but It Doesn't Stop Her From Having a Happy One

Kiera Knightley Admits That Marriage is "Tricky" but It Doesn't Stop Her From Having a Happy One

Every couple, no matter how famous, has difficulties in their relationship. All that matters is how you work it out, as Keira is doing with her husband James Righton.

Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice and the woman who played her, Keira Knightly, have something in common apart from being strong women — both of them found their Mr.Darcy. Only in Keira's case, her Mr. Darcy is called James Righton, a rock musician for the band Klaxons. And for the past six years, the two have been happy, despite the ups and downs that they've faced.


The couple first met in 2011 when their mutual friends Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller, introduced them, according to HitBerry. Soon enough, the sparks started flying and before they knew it, they were engaged in 2012 before getting married in a small, private ceremony in 2013. Among the 11 guests that were invited, the two people that brought them together were present.


“It was not a long service,” one witness told People, “and very few people.” The ceremony was performed by the village mayor and “occurred just before noon and lasted only about 30 minutes. Keira looked beautiful. She wore a very pretty, very elegant dress.”


Then two short years later, the couple were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Edie. And that's not all. According to Brides.com, Keira is on the way with their second child.


At first glance, they look like the perfect, happy couple and they are, but it hasn't been easy. The Anna Karenina star admitted that marriage can be "tricky," reported AZ Central. She explained that her working commitments and those of her husband, James, make it difficult to spend a lot of time with each other. For her, she believes it is important to find and maintain a balance of doing things alone and with one another.


When she was asked if she goes on tour with her musician spouse, she replied, "Yeah, a little bit but not always. You want to be slightly part of each other's world so you can see what makes them tick. If one person is on tour for three months and the other's on a film set, your lives become very separate. It's tricky. You should have your own thing, but equally you have to build a life together."


And this comes after she revealed that she wasn't actually big on getting hitched. "Actually my parents kept saying, 'Why bother?' I think they only [got married] to get a mortgage. [Laughs.] But when James proposed, I just thought, 'Well, never done that before. It seemed like a fun thing to do'," she said, reported Stylish.com.

Looks like her choice to get married to him wasn't a bad one. Additionally, becoming a mother also changed her. Keira said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper in 2015, "I think motherhood puts everything into perspective, I really do. I'm very grateful to become a mother while doing something this unbelievably difficult because honestly the worst that could happen is that you fail," reported the Daily Mail.


"You try your best and I've been really lucky that I have had the opportunity to be working and finding interesting things, and working with interesting people while being a mom at the same time. Ultimately as long as my kid is all right, everything is fine," she continued.


Well, though the couple is quite private about their personal lives, it's obvious that their love for each other knows no bounds.








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