Matt Roloff Reveals He Has New Appreciation for Ex-Wife Amy Roloff as a Mother After Taking Care of His Grandson

Matt Roloff Reveals He Has New Appreciation for Ex-Wife Amy Roloff as a Mother After Taking Care of His Grandson

When Matt Roloff had to take care of his grandson, Jackson, full time, he realized how hard it must have been for Amy to raise four kids.

The Roloff family has been doing more than just running their farm. Their family has expanded over the years and Matt and Amy Roloff have become grandparents too. Along the way, the couple decided to part ways but not before raising their four kids, Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacod, together. They have had many disagreements along the way but they have also shown the way to their kids when they come together as a team for those they love.

Zach and his wife Tori had a second baby recently, something we got to see on Season 20 of the show Little People Big World. We have loved his first child, Jackson, who for many fans is the life of the show. And, now the young couple's second child Lilah is winning our hearts. When Lilah was going to be born, Tori was taken to the hospital by Zach, and their son Jackson was home. Obviously, a 3-year-old can't be left alone so his grandparents pitched in to care for the little boy.

In the past, the show, which has been on TV for almost a decade, used to feature the four kids of the Roloff's. Slowly, everyone but Zach chose to not be in front of the camera anymore. While Amy was a young mom, she had the job of raising four kids, and that can be a huge responsibility for one person.


Back in 2006, she used to coach the children's soccer teams and fulfilled her dream of being a mother. She added that people used to be more shocked about the number of kids she gave birth to than their varying heights. "Well, I think they’re surprised just by the fact that I have four kids because a lot of people only have like one or two nowadays, and they think that’s overwhelming," she told ABC News in 2006.

Both Matt and Amy have dwarfism and had "a 50 percent chance of having a dwarf child." "So, when we had the twins, we had one of each, which was perfectly aligned with the odds," Matt said.


While they were a happy couple then, more recently Amy has been disappointed and shocked in him for dating before their divorce was finalized. In her book, A Little Me, the Roloff matriarch said that her ex-husband was sending inappropriate photos and texts to Caryn Chandler, who is now his girlfriend, while they were still married. In return, Matt said that he didn't appreciate what she said about him, as per CheatSheet.


But, when it was their turn to step up as grandparents to take care of Jackson, both did so flawlessly. Matt realized how much effort his ex-wife had to put in when their four kids were young. The 3-year-old loves spending time with Matt and Caryn at the farm but during episode 8, Matt was overwhelmed when taking care of his grandson full-time.


He was struggling to make the boy fall asleep and that's when Caryn commented, "Imagine having two," a clear reference to Amy having twins. "Would you say that you had a new appreciation for what Amy did all those years?" she asked."Yes, I have a new appreciation... Amy had twins, she had that times two. Jackson’s getting pretty good, he can climb on the chair, he’s getting kind of around. But, still. It’s a ton of work," said Matt.


Previously, he had defended her when fans on social media attacked her. "...My new rule is I’m going to delete people that make unnecessary mean or hateful comments about Amy or any of my family members. I may not catch them every time but if you’re an on-line bully, I’m going to up my effort to remove you. The rest of you... thanks for the lively debate and spirited conversations. #lovelove to you all!" he had said in 2018, as per GoodHouseKeeping.

And, this show of appreciation is not a one-way street. Just a few days after he defended her, she also shared a message in response to a fan and said that Matt is a "good father," as per GoodHouseKeeping.






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