Madonna's "Flawless" Marriage Facade With Guy Ritchie Cracked Eventually | "I Wasn't Really Allowed to Be Myself"

Madonna's "Flawless" Marriage Facade With Guy Ritchie Cracked Eventually | "I Wasn't Really Allowed to Be Myself"

Madonna was married to Guy Ritchie for eight years before they decided to parted ways. Ritchie had called his life with her a "soap opera."

There are times when communication between partners just breaks down and they are no longer able to understand each other. People say that one of the keys to a happy relationship is being able to accept each other instead of trying to change each other. However, that's not always possible. Sometimes, people just can't see past the differences because they may have experienced some trauma in the past. Trauma leaves us heartbroken even until years later unless we talk about it.

61-year-old superstar Madonna, who had faced abuse in the 1970s when she moved to New York, experienced a deep heartbreak when her marriage to British director Guy Ritchie, 51, broke down in 2008. A lot has changed in their lives since then but after her divorce when Madonna spoke up about her eight-year-long marriage, she revealed her deepest hurts.

The Papa Don't Preach singer was asked by Harper's Bazaar what, apart from art, made her keep going. "Wanting to inspire people. Wanting to touch people's hearts to get them to look at life in a different way. To be a part of evolution, because, for me, it's either you're part of creation or you're part of destruction. It's inexplicable; it's like breathing, and I can't imagine not doing it," she said.


"That is one of the arguments I would get into with my ex-husband, who used to say to me, 'But why do you have to do this again? Why do you have to make another record? Why do you have to go on tour? Why do you have to make a movie?' And I'm like, 'Why do I have to explain myself?' I feel like that's a very sexist thing to say," she said.

The Material Girl singer also revealed that her marriage came to an end around the time she decided to direct a film, W.E, about the love affair between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII. During that time, she was "certainly asking a kind of existential question that I think people ask when they’ve been married that long: what is the perfect love?" as per Daily Mail.


"When you start off, everything’s great and lovely, and the person you’ve married is flawless, and you’re flawless. Then time goes by, and you share a life, you have children, and there are cracks in the veneer. It’s not as romantic as it used to be. You think, ‘This isn’t what I thought it was going to be,’ and ‘How much am I willing to sacrifice?'" she said.


From what the Like a Virgin singer revealed, the Sherlock Holmes director expected a lot more sacrifice from her than he was ready to offer himself. "I did sometimes find myself in a state of conflict. There were times when I wanted to express myself as an artist in ways that I don't think my ex-husband was comfortable with," she said, as per Hello! Magazine. "There were times I felt incarcerated. I wasn't really allowed to be myself."


The star said that she was aware that compromise was important for any relationship to work but she just needs to find a life partner who would accept her for who she is. "It doesn't mean marriage is a bad thing," she said. "But if you're an artist, you've got to find someone who accepts who you are and is comfortable with that." When asked if she would marry again, she said, "Never say never".


Meanwhile, Madonna's ex-husband has since remarried and has three other kids while the singer has five other children. Ritchie and Madonna have a son, Rocco, and an adopted son, David Banda, together. Ritchie had won the custody battle for Rocco in 2016. The Snatch director has previously said that while he doesn't regret his marriage to the pop star, the drama had been too much. He said that their life had become a "soap opera," as per Daily Mail.


The Like a Prayer singer has revealed that she is still a romantic at heart and would wait for her knight in shining armor.





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