Man Ties Husky Pup to His Bike and Brutally Drags It on the Road as It Bleeds and Struggles | Video Sparks Outrage

Man Ties Husky Pup to His Bike and Brutally Drags It on the Road as It Bleeds and Struggles | Video Sparks Outrage

The daughter of the man took responsibility and apologized for the brutal act by saying that he did not know how to care for it.

Dogs are the best friends we don't deserve, but they love us anyway. Such is the bond between humans and dogs that people sometimes hurt more when their dog dies than when a friend or family member does. For children and adults alike, a dog can be a great source of unconditional love and support. It's probably why the love we feel for them is just as immense. However, it seems not everyone agrees. Some people can be very cruel to their pets and would still look for excuses when caught. 

A man in China was seen dragging his daughter's dog behind his bike by the neck. He tied the dog to the bike and drove through the traffic. The baby husky was obviously not able to keep up with the speed of the bike and was dragged by the belly. The video was captured by another motorist on the road and it has rightfully sparked outrage. 


The little guy was struggling and whimpering in pain while being pulled across Pu'er city in China's Yunnan province in April this year. The man dragging him can be seen going at his normal pace oblivious to the injury he is inflicting on the dog. The witness who recorded the video believed that he had been dragged for a while on his belly, according to Daily Mail

The man was quoted as saying that he saw the wounded dog at a red light. "The lower part of its body was bleeding," he said. "It is possible that the dog was dragged for a long time," he said. 


The images of the dog were taken after it was taken to a vet. The photos were then posted on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. 

"Such inhumane actions! Such a poor dog," one person commented. "If you don't want your pet anymore, just put it up for adoption. Don't abuse it like this," another person said. 

"How can there be such a cruel person in the world?" one user said. 


After the incident sparked outrage, the man's daughter took responsibility and apologized, according to Shanghai.ist.  She had reportedly put out the apology on a social media site, according to Daily Mail. 

"The dog was put under my family's care as I had to work that day," the woman said. "Unfortunately, the elderly members of my family did not know how to take care of it properly," she added. "I am sorry. I didn't take good care of my dog. I love it very much and I promise to take good care of it in the future," she said. She said that she took the dog to the vet as soon as she found out about what had happened. 

PETA Asia responded to the incident saying, "If owners don't have time for their pets, we'd rather they not bring them home." "Even if you place the pet under the care of other people, tragedies like this may still occur. The poor dog was mistreated because its owner did not have time to take care of it," PETA Asia media officer Keith Guo told Daily Mail.






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