Meghan Markle Was Nominated Prom Queen in High School | Unseen Photos From Her Year Book Show Her Bright Smile Never Changed

Meghan Markle Was Nominated Prom Queen in High School | Unseen Photos From Her Year Book Show Her Bright Smile Never Changed

Not just for her natural beauty, Markle was also known for being aware and intelligent.

Meghan Markle has quite a reputation for being a philanthropist, a vocal champion of women's rights, an actress, a fashionista, and a hands-on mother. In short, she possesses all the qualities that might make her the perfect choice for a modern role model.

And as it happens, she was a rockstar from a very tender age. As a high-school student, she never shied away from owning her natural looks and standing by her beliefs when required.

The Suits star attended the all-girls Catholic school Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, where notable alumnae include A-listers Pat Carroll, Mary Tyler Moore, and Tyra Banks (class of ’91), reports PEOPLE. A few photos from her high school yearbook have made their way to the internet and just a glance at them would make you believe that she was meant to do great things. 


In the photos, she could be seen wearing her famous warm smile, minimal makeup, and the same genuine expression she is now known for.

Don't take our word for it; read what her classmate has to say about her!

“Meghan was really charismatic and was a very hard worker and very focused and you could tell she was going to do something special with her life,” Markle’s Immaculate Heart schoolmate tells PEOPLE.


“She acted as a TA in drama and most kids our age wouldn’t have felt as confident in their skills,” the classmate recalls. “She was bubbly, optimistic, and positive. She was also very focused and had her eye on the prize – she knew where she wanted to go to college and she knew she wanted to do drama.”
Continuing, they said, “She had the talent and focus to back it up and you could tell she knew the work it would take and she was willing to put in the work.” She went on to double major in Drama/International Relations at Northwestern University.

Source: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

"Every city you go to, she'll know the best places to eat. That's why she started her blog," an insider shared with E! News. "She started it while she was doing Suits because people kept asking her for recommendations on things."


Interestingly, it turns out, that Markle's royal connection goes way back in time, much before her union with Harry. Her first brush with royalty was actually in high school when she was nominated for prom court.

"She was a role model and was inspiring,” the high school friend says. And though Markle did not win prom queen, “everybody knew her and she had an ability to be effortlessly kind.”

When the internet was buzzed with Meghan and Harry's new romance, the friend believed she was the perfect match for the former prince and would be the best one to forward the philanthropic causes of the crown. “With her (work with) the UN and philanthropic interests, it (seems like) their goals and ideals are in alignment." A separate source close to Markle tells PEOPLE, “Harry is lucky to have her!”

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Chris Jackson

"It wouldn't surprise me if he's already thinking about engagement just because that's where his head goes but that's not where the relationship is at right now," a source previously shared with E! News. "It is serious though. Meghan would say it's serious too, both of them do think that way."

“No one who knows Meghan could have a bad word to say about her. She is the kindest person, and incredibly smart. She doesn’t buy into Hollywood fakeness. She’s a genuinely good person who cares about others,” PEOPLE's insider shares.


"Overall, she's a very sweet person and a cool, down-to-earth girl," E! News' insider agreed. "I've never heard anyone say a bad word about her."

As for her high school yearbook photos, we do agree that she is indeed a "classy girl!"




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