Paris Jackson Honors Father Michael Jackson on Death Anniversary and Shows the World His Adorable Goofy Side in Photos

Paris Jackson Honors Father Michael Jackson on Death Anniversary and Shows the World His Adorable Goofy Side in Photos

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, and the pain of his death has never left her through her life.

When we think of Michael Jackson, we think King of Pop, but not many people are aware of how amazing a father he was to his children. MJ, as the world called him, had three kids, Paris, Prince, and Blanket. His eldest, Paris, is a model and her connection to her father is something that she cherishes. The King of Pop died on June 25, 2009, and the world still remembers him. But, most importantly, his kids still remember their father who just wanted to shield them from the media.


This protective dad chose to homeschool his kids and even covered their faces when they went out, as per Billboard. Alif Sankey, a backup dancer on the original video of Smooth Criminal, said that once when MJ brought his kids to the set he had the chance to speak to young Paris. She had a purse full of candy, which she hid from her father, and tiny pictures of her "daddy."

The daddy's little girl wanted her 11th birthday to be themed after him, said chef Kai Chase. Posters of the King of Pop were hung with album covers and other photos. His songs played in the background as the family ate. Her birthday cake was decorated with Lilo & Stitch, her favorite Disney characters. And, as a special treat, he had hired a private viewing of the Cirque du Soleil-style circus, complete with men on stilts and a woman performing in a giant balloon. The circus was in his backyard and as per the chef, who watched from the kitchen window, it was "the most beautiful expression of love I've ever seen."


MJ was an extravagant dad who showered his children with gifts, pets, and love. In 2020, his children, especially Paris Jackson still remembers the legend that was her father. On Instagram, she shared some photos of her star father showing his adorable and goofy side.


She shared the photos, in many of which he's making funny faces, with the caption, "miss and love you every day. thank you for the magic." She also shared a quote by Ernest Hemingway to honor her father. It said, "Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another."


She also shared previously unseen footage of her sharing a sweet moment with her famous father from back when she was just a child. It will be part of Paris' upcoming Facebook Watch documentary, Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn, according to Daily Mail. Glenn is her boyfriend with whom she's entering the music world. A decision she had received a lot of encouragement for as she would be following her dad's footsteps.


In the trailer, Jackson can be heard asking his daughter, "What does Paris want to be?" "I do what you do," Paris sweetly responded. "What do I do?" Michael then asked.  
"You dance and sing," she said. Another child, possibly Prince, can be seen in the footage with Paris in matching pajamas, playing with Jackson. The little Paris is also seen running over to hug her smiling dad, who was in his signature fedora, a red shirt, black pants, white socks, and black loafers.


It is not clear where the superstar and his child were when the video was shot or how old Paris was at the time. Jackson also appears to be singing to the kids while playing with them in the video.

Paris can be heard saying in the video, "You see a kid grow up in the public eye, but you forget I am human. I was against letting the world in because it wasn't a choice, I wasn't ready then. I feel like I'm ready now."


"I want to influence self-acceptance and courage," Paris says. "I will love with my music connects with someone and helps in some way."




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