Heroic Mom Broke Her Back to Save Son From Burning House by Jumping off Third-Floor Balcony | "It's Worth It Because He's Ok"

Heroic Mom Broke Her Back to Save Son From Burning House by Jumping off Third-Floor Balcony | "It's Worth It Because He's Ok"

Jumping off the balcony was the only option left, so she took the plunge for her son's life.

A mother's love is as tender as it is fierce. When it comes to protecting her child from danger, she will risk everything, even her life if that's what it takes. A mom from Massachusetts took a plunge for life and broke her spine in an attempt to save her son from the devastating fire that engulfed their apartment.

Back in 2014, the then-23-year-old Christina Simoes found herself trapped in her house when their building was going up in flames. As the fire started to engulf their home, the only thought in her mind was how to save her 18-month-old son, Camron, Daily News reported.

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As she peered out the window she saw thick flames. She immediately grabbed Camron and ran to the front door but the hallway was filled with smoke. Soon she understood that there is no way out of the house but the balcony. Given that it was the only choice, she decided to hold her son in her arms and throw herself off the balcony, backward. Needless to mention, it takes a lot of courage to jump off the third floor. When it comes to risking her life to save her child or give up, a mother's choice would mostly be the former.

Explaining the incident, she said, "I looked out the window again. I realized there wasn't going to be any time to wait for a firefighter." Simoes realized she had to jump. "I grabbed my son and I gave him a kiss," she recalled. "Told him I love him and then I jumped," Daily News quoted her.

Although she landed on her feet first, she soon collapsed. The impact broke her vertebrae. Nestled in his mother's arms, Camron was fine.


Her struggle to save her son did not stop there. With a broken back Christina army-crawled away from the debris and later, was airlifted by a local hospital. Her son was fine, but the plunge cost the 23-year-old mom her back. After a few lengthy surgeries, she was out of danger but it had a severe nerve impact on her.

"I'm not doing too great, but I'm alive," WCVB quoted her. But she was elated that her son was fine. "It's so worth it because he's OK," she said. "It's amazing to see him perfectly fine and playing." Her boyfriend (at the time) Tyler Strangman told the news outlet, "This is the longest he's been away from her."


Ever since this incident, Christina has been hailed as a heroic mom but real-life heroes are not superhumans. Doctors soon informed the family that she will probably never be able to walk again. But being the courageous woman she is, she took this challenge as well. According to the GoFundMe page set up for the cause, the young mom proved the doctors wrong.

"7weeks 2days I am now able to climb stairs while just being supervised. I can use the bathroom unassisted. I can transfer to and from my bed to my chair unassisted. I took my first steps not holding on to anything with just Shelby supporting my hips.Today I walked 195 ft with my new crutches, and balanced on a foam board with a ball between my knees. Also 'shopped' in the fake shaws downstairs. I'd say were making progress," she wrote at the time.


Christina is not only a brave mother who didn't step back from doing what it takes to save her son's life but she is also a brave woman who proved that strong will power can do miracles!

More power to you!






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