Mother Remembers 16YO Daughter Through Letters She Left Behind Before Her Tragic Death | "Open When You Miss Me"

Mother Remembers 16YO Daughter Through Letters She Left Behind Before Her Tragic Death | "Open When You Miss Me"

Macy didn't know that her letters to her mom would be the anchor holding her up and comforting her through her tough times, when she's not around anymore.

Losing a child can be the most heartbreaking thing that a parent has to suffer. It's worse when the child is gone too soon. The dreams that the parents dreamt for their child are shattered into millions of pieces leaving just tears and memories.

Cindy Mathis had never imagined that she would lose Macy, her 16-year-old daughter, so soon. According to CBS News, Macy and her boyfriend, Adam Sattler, met with a fatal car crash on November 25, 2016, in Tifton, Georgia, less than a mile away from her mother's house. While Adam died immediately, Macy succumbed to her injuries five days later.


The passing of her daughter left Cindy grieving and alone. But as fate has its own mysterious ways, she found a note soon after while cleaning the trunk of her car titled "When you can't sleep." It was from Macy. At that moment Cindy found the little joy she was in search of for the past few weeks, her daughter's letters. A year ago before the fateful day, Macy had gifted her mother 25 letters for her birthday unaware of the fact that they'll help her get through the worst time in her life. Cindy found these neatly sealed letters marked for different occasions like "When You Need to Smile," or "When You Need to Know How Much I Love You," or "When You Can't Sleep," reported Today.

Still reeling from her daughter's loss, Cindy came across these gems again but this time she wasn't going to lose them. Reading them brought back the warmth and comfort of her daughter's embrace. AS reported by Daily Mail UK, one of the letters titled, "Open when you miss me," read, "Hey mommy. I'm sorry that you're missing me. I hope wherever you are or whatever you're doing you're okay. I'm probably missing you too. I honestly don't like being away from the house for too long. I will always and forever love you mommy. Thank you for everything you've done for me."


Before this letter, Cindy had come across another one titled "When you can't sleep," which made her tear apart her room to find the others. It read, “I want you to know that I love you. I feel like I don’t tell you that enough. And since you can’t sleep and you’re probably stressed about something, I need you to know that I love you.” It's amazing how Macy knew when her mother would need her inspiring words.

Cindy revealed that the relationship between her and her daughter was so strong that Macy knew the exact words which would make her feel better. “They’re so on point, and there are occasions where she knew me way too well. My daughter knew me, " reported CBS news. In an interview with Today, Cindy revealed that there were many times that Macy went out of her way to show her love and appreciation. Her letters weren't the first. In school, she had written a poem about Cindy's life and struggles which ended with the line "I'm proud to call her my mom."


Writing cute little personalized notes were Macy's style. Every Mother's Day she would ask her brothers to write notes on why they loved her and for just being their mother. In Cindy's absence, Macy was like a mother to her younger brothers, she told Today. In another letter titled, "When You Feel Lonely," Macey asked her mother not to miss her because she was always there with her. "I did feel lonely when she left me. We'd talk about her moving to New York with Adam or living the good life, moving away and leaving, but not like this," revealed Cindy to Today.

Cindy found all the letters but one, but she's happy she has the rest of them. "Most of them are definitely inspiring." She told CBC News. "It's the best gift a child can give any parent," She added. To keep her daughter's memory alive, Cindy started a memorial page for Macy on Facebook with pictures of her letters for everyone who is missing her.


Another one of Macy's letters to her mother read, "I'll play with your hair and rub your back until you fall asleep. I miss being that close to you because I feel like your little girl again. Please, don't feel lonely mommy. You always have me. Macy," as reported by WALB. Cindy feels glad that she didn't open all the letters at once. She told WALB, "I'm thankful I only opened three because I need them more now."






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