Mum Abandoned 8YO Son at Petrol Station With Nothing but a Note That Said He Was Too Naughty | "Child, Forgive Me"

Mum Abandoned 8YO Son at Petrol Station With Nothing but a Note That Said He Was Too Naughty | "Child, Forgive Me"

He was found at night, sitting all alone, at a petrol station. There were signs of abuse on his face.

Children are a gift of God. As they grow up, they are sure to make mistakes and create situations and circumstances for parents that might be difficult to deal with. But, as the ones with more understanding of what's right and what's not, it's the duty of the parents to keep calm and teach their children.

It's absolutely necessary for kids to play as much as they can, be mischievous, make mistakes because it's only then that they will realize the consequences of their actions. As parents, it's quite normal for parents to discipline their children by grounding them but the woman in this story took the matter to another level.

The mother abandoned her 8-year-old son with a note at a petrol station because according to her he was too naughty to be looked after, as per reports. The little and lonely boy was later found clutching the note in his hand which said he was "causing problems" and that's the reason he was dumped on the roadside to fend for himself in Pelalawan, Indonesia, reported The Sun.

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The child was found by some people sitting all alone at the petrol station late at night in dead silence with just one note to call of his own. They took him along with them to their village before the police were notified about the incident, according to Gridstar.

The note that the little child was holding said, "Child, forgive me. I am forced to leave you on the street as I’m no longer willing to see you suffer or tortured because of your mischief, every day you are causing problems. Forgive me, child. Take good care of yourself.” And that's the only thing he has as the last words from his mother.

According to the police who reached the scene and saw the boy, there were signs of abuse on the boy which could be the reason "tortured" was mentioned in the farewell note. The boy's picture, in which he's seen wearing a red jacket, went viral on Twitter somehow where a cut can be seen on his cheeks and some marks around his mouth.


According to a local media report by the Indonesian newspaper, Kompas, the boy's dad was violent towards him and physically abused him. The reason for the beatings was that he was "naughty and often steals." This is being seen as the reason for the mother to take such a cold-hearted decision of abandoning her son.

"Indeed, there are indications of violence against the child. But we need to understand more about what happened. We will gather all parties to find out the truth of this case," said Edy Haryanto, a Pangkalan Kuras Police spokesman.

The picture of the little boy caused an uproar on Twitter with people expressing their disbelief and opinions. One of the users wrote, "IF NOT READY TO HAVE CHILDREN, DO NOT MAKE IT !!! The names of children are varied, some are good, stubborn, active, passive, and you as a parent must be prepared to face all these risks. Are you sure when you were small you never caused problems? Instead of throwing away children, it's better not to do it!"


Another one remembering her childhood and her mother wrote, "Suddenly grateful, as stubborn as I am, my mother has never tormented or even thrown me away!"

According to the police, the investigation is ongoing as the officials are trying to locate the boy's parents so that they can understand the circumstances behind the abandonment of the child.





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