Mum Discovered Secret Entrance in New House & Found a Room Full of Creepy Life-like Dolls Locked Up for Years

Mum Discovered Secret Entrance in New House & Found a Room Full of Creepy Life-like Dolls Locked Up for Years

She was cleaning the shelves and cabinets when one of them looked odd. It turned out to be the entrance to the secret room.

The spooky season is over but looks like for some people it is just beginning. Moving into a new house and finding hidden stairs, secret doorways, or basements might seem like an adventure in the movies, but in real life, it could turn into a nightmare.

When a mum moved into the house, she was thrilled to be in a new place. Finding a secret room only added to her joy, but what she discovered shook her to the core. The room was full of creepy looking dolls that looked like they had been there for years together. The rather freaked out woman, known as Rooney on TikTok, first shared the video of her disturbing discovery back in April, which was watched over 3 million times, reported The Mirror




In the video, she explained how she found the room. She said, "We bought this house a few months ago and we've been slowly cleaning out different cabinets and closets." It's during this time when she found out that there something was more to one of the cabinets she was cleaning. She continued, "I was working on this one and as you can see, the old lady that lived here saved everything."

Elaborating, she said, "But I noticed that this moved and looking into it, I can see there's a space back here." The interesting find made her kids curious because she then revealed, "So my kids said I should tape it while moving it and see what's back there."

As soon as she entered the secret, well-hidden room, it left her and the audience who watched the discovery disturbed. As she panned her torch around the room, she saw some Annabelle-esque dolls. She didn't explore much that day but did gain the courage to look around the place another day.



Recording her experience this time as well, she decided to explore the creepy room, she said, "There's no one home right now so I don't think this is such a good idea." If we're asked, then yes, it wasn't a good idea but clearly, her curiosity was more than that of her kids, because she continued, "But I am dying to see what is back here." She found that crammed room not only had dolls but old coins, artwork, dust-covered crockery, and pieces of old clothes, reported News 18.

Even though there were a lot of things around, it was the creepy dolls that terrified the viewers. The woman herself admitted that the room left her feeling "unsettled." The video was flooded with comments by viewers with one of them writing, "I get really bad vibes about this idk why." Agreeing to the comment, another replied, "Uhhhhh it's filled with dolls HELL NOOOOO."

While some people enjoyed the video with comments like, "When you forget where you hide the Christmas presents." Others explained the weird things they noticed. One said, "The doll in red is alive!!!!," while another added, "Anyone else notice the baby's head is facing different than the last video? And its eyes are looking at her by the end when they weren't at the start." A terrified viewer even asked the woman to "throw the whole house away."




The mum in her final video said that she has become aware that she doesn't feel quite alright when she's in the room. She said, "This room just left me very unsettled and actually I feel really uncomfortable back here."

She also revealed that she, at last, has made a decision regarding the fate of the secret room. "After today I've decided that I'm locking this room up and I think it should go back to those who this room belongs to," she said referring to the dolls. She captioned the video "I think the secret room should have stayed hidden," and we couldn't agree more.

Anyone else thinking about Annable? We'll leave you with a picture of the real one that is locked up in the Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.







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