Mum Left 3YO Son Alone in Filthy Apartment Without Food for Three Days and Went Out With Friends | He Was Found by Neighbours

Mum Left 3YO Son Alone in Filthy Apartment Without Food for Three Days and Went Out With Friends | He Was Found by Neighbours

His body was covered in bruises when he was found by the Ukraine Police.

Children can be the best things that can happen to a parent. It's a miracle how humans have the ability to create life and appreciate their creations once it's out in the world. The tiny hand, feet, and face, all invoke emotions that one has never felt.

But not all humans are the same. There are some, who think that they can take care of a small life but once they are born, they ignore all the other responsibilities which come with it. In some cases, the conditions of these little children are so inhumane that one can't help but think, what did these innocent souls do to deserve this?

In a recent incident of child negligence, a 3-year-old boy was rescued by the Ukraine Police from a filthy apartment after they received reports from the neighbors, reported The Mirror. The apartment had no food for the child and was infested with cockroaches.

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The child had survived in the dirty house for not one but three days after his mother, identified as Natalia, left the toddler in the apartment with no proper care and left for Odessa with her friends. One just cannot imagine the condition of a little boy, staying with no food or water for three days while pests roam around every inch of the house.

The reports also said as the mother left no food in the house, the little boy resorted to eating sugar because it was the only thing he could find. According to the neighbors, once the sugar was over, the hungry toddler had no other option but to eat the packaging as well.

Identified as little Volodya by The Scottish Sun, the boy wouldn't have been found and still be trapped inside the house if it wasn't for one of the neighbors residing on the lower floor. The boy was found on September 3, when out of thirst he opened a tap and flooded the house of the neighbor residing downstairs.



The woman who found Volodya said, "I saw water pouring down my walls and ran upstairs trying to find Natalia. When I realized [the toddler] was home alone, I called emergency services.'' Her house suffered a little damage but it was also the reason for the boy to be found on time before anything worse could happen.

The rescue team had to cut a hole in the door in order to enter the apartment and save the child as it was made of metal. When they entered, the state of the apartment was a matter of concern for them. But what was worse was to find the child nibbling on the packaging of the sugar and hiding under his bed naked.

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Another neighbor, a man living next to the boy and the mother, gave details of the time they found Volodya and said, ''The boy was found hiding under his bed and chewing a plastic bag. He was naked. His face and hands were covered with sugar."

He continued, ''Police officers checked the apartment and concluded that the sugar was his only food. After running out of it, the boy started eating the package.'' The weak and extremely exhausted child was immediately taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with malnutrition by the doctors.

It wasn't new information for the people when the social services who visited the little boy's residence said that his living conditions were beyond dangerous not only for his health but life too.

The head of Children's Protection Service, Yulia Nikandrova, commented, ''The child lived in horrific unsanitary conditions. The apartment was infested with cockroaches and contaminated with dirt and filth. There was no food. The boy was neglected and covered with bruises.''

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The boy's mother returned after the social services visited her apartment. With no delays and thoughts, the negligent mother was charged with failure to fulfill parental duties. The Childcare bosses have claimed that they would sue the mother for her deed and take away her parental rights.

According to neighbors, Volodya's mother often went out for drinks with her friends and left the little boy all alone in the house to fend for himself. He will be placed under the care of an orphanage after he is discharged from the hospital.




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