Owen Wilson Has 3 Children With 3 Different Women | Who Are His Kids' Mothers?

Owen Wilson Has 3 Children With 3 Different Women | Who Are His Kids' Mothers?

Owen Wilson asked for a paternity test from the mother of his third child, and is yet to meet the little girl.

For some people, love is a fickle thing. They are not sure about what their heart wants. It takes them many trials and errors to find the right person. And, sometimes, they are just plain careless about whose heart they break in the process.

Owen Wilson, 52, has been around in Hollywood for a long, long time. He's made us laugh and cry with his performances. In most of his roles, he seems like a clueless airhead or a romantic. However, in real life, his love life seems to be a bit of a mess. It's more of a drama than a romantic comedy. Wilson has fathered three children with three different women, and he doesn't even want to meet or have a relationship with one of his kids.

The Marley & Me actor and Jade Duell, who is 15 years younger than him, met on a flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. around 2010. Jade was a 28-year-old federal air marshal when she gave birth to his first child Robert Ford Wilson, as per Daily News. The child was born via water birth after 18 hours of labor at Owen's $8 million oceanfront home in Maui, Hawaii with the help of a midwife. "Owen and Jade are thrilled!" a source said. "Owen has been doing a celebratory hula dance all afternoon! It's a beautiful boy and everyone is incredibly happy."


Unfortunately, their relationship ended when their son was 5 months old as the then-42-year-old actor wasn't ready to commit. "Owen wanted the freedom to do what he wanted with his friends, both male and female, while remaining a family unit with Jade and the baby," an insider told the National Enquirer, as per Daily Mail. "But Jade wasn't willing to go along with that, so Owen decided to end things with her instead of cheating behind her back," the source added. Duell and her son moved to New York to be with her family while the Midnight in Paris actor stayed in Santa Monica, California.

In October 2013, it was found that the actor's married personal trainer was six months pregnant with his baby. The Wedding Crashers star’s longtime personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist was still married, but separated, from a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Ritu Chopra back then, as per PageSix. Wilson and Lindqvist reportedly met in 2003 and had dated on and off for years.


"She was shocked to learn that she was pregnant but decided to keep the baby. Owen plans on being fully involved and will financially care for the child, but has no intention of settling down with Caroline, which is tearing her up," a source was quoted as saying. However, in June 2020, he was seen with her in Malibu, California. Wilson, Lindqvist, and actor Billy Zane were seen swimming and chatting despite social distancing rules, as per Daily Mail

The birth of his third child might have been a shock for the Zoolander actor, considering that he refuses to meet her. In October 2018, his then-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates, who is 16 years younger than him, gave birth to their daughter, Lyla Aranya Wilson. Vongsvirates claimed in 2018 that they had been dating for five years, according to the Sun


She had hinted that they were expecting after they attended the premiere for his 2017 film Father Figures together. However, Wilson wasn't sure if Vongvirates' child was his and he underwent a paternity test. "Owen has been a great father to his two boys and has maintained a warm and close relationship with their mothers. Of course, if a paternity test establishes that he is the father of another child, he will fulfill all of his obligations to support his child," as per a source. 


However, Vongsvirates, who is now his ex-girlfriend, claimed almost a year later that he's never met his daughter. "Owen has never met Lyla. Never," she told Daily Mail, adding, "He helps financially but it’s never been about that."








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