Phil Collins Splits From Former Wife for Second Time After She Married Another Man Behind His Back | He Sent Her Eviction Notice

Phil Collins Splits From Former Wife for Second Time After She Married Another Man Behind His Back | He Sent Her Eviction Notice

Collins first split with Orianne Cevey in 2008 which was the biggest celebrity divorce in Britain. They soon got back together and were living together even though they never got married again.

Marriage is a bond that requires a lot of love to nurture it every day along with trust and understanding. But sometimes, along the way, two people who were once deeply in love with each other can find themselves falling out of it moving on with their lives. However, there are people who find their way back to the ones they left behind after realizing that they were truly meant for each other. It might be one of the "forever" moments for some, but for singer Phil Collins, life had other plans.  He got back together with his ex-wife Orianne Cevey, only to lose her again.

TMZ reported that the singer-songwriter and drummer has finally decided to end all his ties with his ex-wife once again after he found out that her business trip to Las Vegas was actually a destination wedding. Everything seemed to be going well until a few months ago when the 46-year-old entrepreneur Cevey went to Las Vegas and tied the knot with Thomas Bates, a 31-year-old businessman.


This is not the first time that the couple has seen drama in their lives. When they had parted ways back in 2008, it had been the biggest celebrity divorce in Britain with him paying her £25 million in the settlement.

The two met in 1994 when Collins was going through a bitter divorce from his second wife Jill Tavelman. Then 46-year-old artist fell head over heels for the then 21-year-old Cevey who had been hired as his translator on a European tour, reported The Daily Mail. The love birds tied the knot in 1999 but within just a few months of their marriage, signs of struggle began to surface in paradise.

After their youngest son's arrival in 2004, Cevey suffered postnatal depression which Collins admitted he didn't truly understand. Soon the gap between them increased even more and in 2008 the pair divorced each other. However, both Collins and Cevey suffered from health problems after their separation and ended up rekindling their relationship in 2016.


Talking about their relationship's rebirth, Cevey said, "It’s different this time. When you first fall in love there is passion and excitement. But the second time around it’s more thoughtful, more mature."

She said that they missed each other in the years they stayed apart and that she never "stopped loving Phil." Cevey added, "Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you don’t realize you’ve made a mistake until it’s too late. If you have a chance to go back and correct a mistake, as we have been lucky enough to do, that’s a wonderful gift."

She also added that she calls Collins her "husband." She said, "I now call Phil my husband again. We are so close that it does not actually make a difference if we are married or not, but we are determined to get married for a second time one day." She added that "he is indeed the man of my life."

All of this seems to have changed once again over the years. Now that Collins knows about his ex-wife's betrayal, he has given her an ultimatum. According to TMZ, the eight-time Grammy winner has given Cevey until 3 pm Friday, October 16, to vacate his £25million mansion where she's staying with her new hubby.

However, Cevey is determined to fight this time as well. She reportedly changed the locks to the mansion and asked him to renegotiate their divorce, reported The Sun. She threatened him by saying that she would release “false and embarrassing” accusations about him. Frank Maister, her lawyer, told the publication, “We will deal with Mr. Collins in the courthouse, not the gossip column.”


According to an insider, the 69-year-old Another Day In Paradise hitmaker was in complete shock when he received the news of her infidelity. “This came totally out of the blue for him," said the insider and added, “Up until he found out she had got married to someone else, he was still in a relationship with Orianne and they were living together in Miami.”

As per The Sun, the insider also revealed that Cevey made "back and forth" trips to L.A citing they "were to do with her jewelry business." The insider added, “Then Phil found out that she had secretly got married. He left the US in the first week of September. He just wanted to get away. He said, ‘I’m done with this.'”

Adding that Cevey changed the security codes to the Miami mansion and is staying there with her new husband, the insider confirmed that the singer has taken a stand for himself and said, “As far as Phil is concerned, the ­relationship with Orianne is over.”


The pair share two sons, Nicholas, 19, and Mathew, 15. Although Collins had taken care that his sons are fully funded throughout their lives through an irrevocable trust, he has decided to let himself off the financial hook when it comes to Orianne Cevey.






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