Cub Playfully Wakes up Sleeping Mommy Leopard &They Smile, Snuggle & High Five | Photographer Captures The Moments

Cub Playfully Wakes up Sleeping Mommy Leopard &They Smile, Snuggle & High Five | Photographer Captures The Moments

Photographer Leighton Lum said that because of the pandemic the rare sight was easier to capture, as there were fewer people and vehicles around.

A warm hug can make things better instantly. And when it is a hug from a caring mom, all our troubles and miseries seem to melt away. And when those mommies and babies are furry and pawed stunning wild cats, the hug can warm million hearts as the moment captured in photographs go viral.

Wildlife photographer Leighton Lum has been taking wonderful pictures of wild animals for some time. Recently, he captured a few heartwarming moments between a mother leopard and her cub. The Daily Mail reported that the 32-year-old photographer noticed the striking pair in Kenya when the cub started annoying its mum. The sudden rainfall experienced in that area woke up the tiny animal from its deep nap. The next thing Leighton saw was the wildcats snuggling. The mother leopard even had what appeared to be a smile on her beautiful face. Look at these two having a warm good morning snuggle!



Such moments are a rare sight to witness. Ever since humans started evolving, the use of technology has only pushed them further from nature and its beauty. Now, it takes us additional effort to be close to nature. Leighton said that the ongoing pandemic came as a blessing for him since it made it easier for him to capture the moment with fewer people and vehicles around. 



The photographer explained that his time in Kenya got interesting when the cub woke up and "got really playful and curious," while trying to wake up the mum who was sleeping. Here, it appears like the little one is getting a lecture from his mommy, and the two seem to be arguing over something. We wonder what the exchange was about.



"Eventually, he wondered near our vehicle and the mother followed. They settled in not more than a [sic] 50ft away from the vehicle and started to play. It was incredible."




Leighton concluded by saying, "I really enjoyed watching this tender moment between mother and cub. It's a behavior not often seen and it's rare to see them like this out in the open and at close range."

Here's another adorable picture of the mum and cub to brighten up your day. Here the cub looks like both he is chuckling proudly as he tickles his mom who is laughing loudly. What does it look like to you?





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