Harry Once Told His Brother Prince William During an Argument, "I Can Do What I Want as I Won't Be King"

Harry Once Told His Brother Prince William During an Argument, "I Can Do What I Want as I Won't Be King"

The young princes of the royal family could not escape the burdens of their roles and it seemed to have affected their relationship.

Princess Diana might have loved both her sons equally and wanted to protect them, but even she could not completely shield them from the pressures of the roles they were born into. And the fact that both Harry and Prince William were quite sensitive to it at such a young age was truly sad.

Recently, Princess Diana's former bodyguard recalled a conversation he had overheard between young Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William. Ken Wharfe, who had been serving the royal family for a long time as a protection officer mentioned that this incident happened while the family had been traveling from London to Gloucester during a weekend about 30 years ago, reported LBC. He, who had been Princess Diana's personal protection officer from 1988 to 1993, revealed what was said during an intense conversation between the two princes.


Wharfe shared, "I had the privilege of working with his mother, William and Harry and many other members of the Royal family. I remember a moment of Harry as a four-year-old, traveling down to Gloucester one weekend. He and his brother had an argument in the back seat of the car being refereed by the nanny. And in the end, Harry said: 'You'll be king one day, I won't. Therefore I can do what I want!' Diana said 'Where the hell did he get that from?'"


A comment like this seems like no surprise considering the complex relationship the brothers had and continue to have. "You have to remember he's one of the most popular members of the Royal family and we watched and witnessed the wedding in Windsor and everyone said it was the future of the monarchy. And suddenly it seems to be falling apart," Wharfe, bodyguard to the princes in 1986, added. This is not the first time that such a sensitive topic has been brought up.


Princess Diana knew how this stiff role designation for her boys was a burden on them. Young Prince William was constantly having to meet strict rules, while being the "spare," Prince Harry was given more freedom. But one comment from the former prompted the princess to give him a secret nickname. "Nannies would always whisper in Williams' ear, ‘You’d better sit up straight, you’d better behave, because you’re going to be king one day.’ ‘I don’t want to be king,’ William said one day. And Harry piped up, ‘Well, I’ll do the job instead of you then.’ His mother thought that was very amusing. She said 'that’s a good idea Harry you’d make a great king.' So from that day on, the Princess and I called Harry GKH – Good King Harry," said Paul Burrell, a close friend of Princess Diana's, according to Woman Magazine.


Sadly though, this pressure only put a rift between the two princes, one that continues and is constantly commented on by the media. Prince Harry and Prince William's relationship is "at an all-time low," say royal experts, especially after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the announcement to "step back" as senior members of the royal family, reports Fox News.





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