Couples in Love | 7 Sweet Reasons to Celebrate the Relationship Between a Tall Man and a Petite Woman

Couples in Love | 7 Sweet Reasons to Celebrate the Relationship Between a Tall Man and a Petite Woman

Tall men are a treat to be around because they make us feel safe and protected. There's always the added benefit that nobody wants to be on their bad side.

True love comes in all forms. So do soulmates. Couples madly in love with each other come in all forms, sizes, shapes and carry their unique quirks and charm. While the media tries to stereotype the perfect couples as tall, model-like, and perfect, we know through experience, that some of the most endearing couples don't fall in that category.

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So if you are a petite woman with a rather tall man, here is how you can celebrate your love for each other and enjoy the perks and oddly funny moments that come with this match.

Here are six reasons why your relationship might be one of the cutest:  

1. They give the best forehead kisses

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There is something about a peck on the forehead that is sweet and affectionate in a way other kisses just aren't. Imagine getting home at the end of the day and being greeted by an impromptu kiss that is playful yet protective at the same time. No other couple fit the bill for this perfect kiss like you and your partner with a considerable height difference.

2. Your guy is likely to feel more protective of you (in a good way)

Let's get one thing straight. Strong women come in all sizes and shapes. Both you and your partner know that you can take care of yourself and that you value your independence. But there is something a tall guy finds endearing about a smaller woman that triggers him to be extra protective. While he knows that you are capable of handling any BS that comes your way, he feels good to be there for you, especially around big, burly guys who tend to undermine people based on their size.


3. The hugs are just perfect

Nothing quite like being embraced by your partner with his arms around you and his chin resting on your head. Both of you fit into a perfect embrace and this often is enough to melt away the day's stress and even previous arguments. What's unique about your hugs? There is no awkward wondering whether to go left or right. You both feel contained, held, and loved. And the feeling that you get when you look up from a cuddle into his eyes? 

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4. Tall guys are hard to lose in a crowd 

You would never lose him in a crowd. As silly as this might seem, there is quite something about knowing where to find your partner amidst a large or overwhelming crowd. Concerts, fairs, flea markets, etc. can get pretty annoying or a bit too much. Knowing you got your rather tall guy to spot you even from a distance and have around makes you feel secure. While you can pack a punch of your own and handle anyone by yourself and a respectful guy will treat you right irrespective of whether you are alone or with someone, having a tall guy around will sure keep the wrong ones away.

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5. They make the best spooning partners ever

Firstly, if you are in a longterm relationship with them you already have the perk of having a big bed, thanks to them. Secondly, you get to sprawl in that massive bed, preferably with them in it. When you are in a bed together, they are always the big spoon and you can just curl like you are in a cocoon, feeling safe and protected. That feeling of being looked after and cared for by your beloved is one of the best feelings to wake up to and go to sleep with.

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6. They are human selfie sticks  

What comes in handy when you want the best selfies at the right angle against the right amount of light? A pair of long hands! You wouldn't have to ask random strangers to get a photo of the two of you together. Even in family gatherings or while chilling with friends, your partner might be the preferred selfie-snapper. Always good to know the photographer personally to get your best shots, don't you agree?

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7. They feel good to take up tasks

When you have to change the lightbulb, you probably grab the ladder, balance yourself at an odd angle, and stretch way up to get it done. When your partner is around, he could just get it done within a couple of minutes. The fact that they can do these little tasks for you makes them feel good and needed, not just emotionally but also as a team partner. There is a certain grace that comes with learning to do and receive help from each other, which builds intimacy. Much like how you feel good when you share your expertise or advice on his work or business or help him understand a situation better, he is likely to feel good to help you with tasks around the house that makes him feel like he is contributing not just emotionally and intellectually but also as a good housemate. 

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