5 Reasons People Fail to Understand Your Strong Personality

5 Reasons People Fail to Understand Your Strong Personality

Strong women who are confident and assertive, who know what they want, often get mistaken for brash or rude because of no fault of their own.

Few people in life have come face-to-face with a strong woman and not misunderstood them. Many see what is on the outside and judge people in their initial exchange. However, if there are those who can't see you for the amazing and strong person you are after knowing you for months or years, it could be a lack of understanding on their part. It is likely that they don't have an open mind and that is why they are continuing to misunderstand you.

Here are some of the ways people might be misunderstanding you:

1. They mistake your high standards for snobbery

If you are a person with discerning taste, sometimes people take you for a snob. You could be a person who is classy and have good taste but people mistook it for being exclusivist. However, that is just their perspective of you and not who you are. A snob is someone who looks down on other people and judges them for their tastes. However, the reason why you have high-standards is not to put others down. It is to bring yourself up. Your choices are not for others to judge.

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2. They think your honesty is rude

You have no tolerance for BS, so you call a spade a spade. Either gently or matter-of-factly, you will let people know your honest opinion. You also call people out for their inappropriate behavior, which is why people misunderstand you for being rude. They wouldn't be able to do it themselves because society expects women to be polite and docile. However, nobody said that politeness was the same as masking the truth. Perhaps, people misjudge what it means to be polite entirely.

3. They see your independence as arrogance

When a woman is independent, she will need others a lot less in her life. So, she won't lean on others as much and can be judged as aloof or detached. People end up judging those women as arrogant just because they don't want to include people more than necessary. You like to set boundaries with everyone and can't stand it when people cross them. You don't like to bother others when you can do something on your own, and those who don't live such independent lives are often confused by it. They end up misjudging you instead.

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4. They view your openness as immodesty

Since you are honest, you don't want to hide who you are. In fact, you have nothing to hide at all, which is why you go with an open mind when you meet new people. You are open with your views and affection, however, people think that you are boasting. They think you don't know how to be humble when nothing can be further from the truth. Strong women like you don't play games, like others. Those who can't take your openness, think of you as vain or immodest because they are intimidated.

5. They assume your assertiveness to be insolence

Strong women like you know how to get the work done. You know when you need to assert yourself and when you need to back down, but others only see when you are assertive. They think your mellow side is who you should be, and forget to see who you truly are. They mistake your confidence as insolence. They assume you are a rule-breaker, who is not open to listening to others. They make up their mind against you and fail to see the determination and tenacity you have.

Nobody can please everyone and nobody should be expected to. You will always be someone's first choice and someone's least favorite. We can't change how people think but we can make sure that we are true to ourselves at all times. Being inauthentic can be one of the worst crimes to commit against yourself.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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